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Inklet 2.0.0 MacOSX

Inklet 2.0.0 MacOSX | 12.4 MB

Unobtrusive OS X utility that transforms your MacBook's trackpad device into a graphic tablet compatible with the Pogo pen or with your fingers. Inklet is designed to emulate a graphic tablet with the help of your MacBook's trackpad. The utility can recognize your finger's movement, but you may also use a Pogo pen for improved accuracy.
Moreover, when combined with a Force Touch trackpad, Inklet provides support for pressure sensitive gestures. In addition, the included virtual sliders enable you to adjust various parameters with simple trackpad gestures.

Transform your MacBook's trackpad into a virtual graphic tablet
Inklet allows you to establish a workspace and, as soon as it becomes enabled, replicates your gestures in the canvas area of some of the most popular drawing application. The utility can work with Pixelmator, Art Rage, Aperture, Photoshop, SketchBook Pro, GIMP, PDFPen, Acorn, Sketch, and many others.

The best part is that if you just move the finger or pen around without applying pressure, Inklet will just move the cursor without drawing. In addition, Inklet can detect if you have placed your palm on the trackpad and ignore it.

Personalize the emulator behavior to match your drawing needs
Within the Inklet Preferences, you get to define system-wide hotkeys for the primary functions or to choose the trackpad gesture that activates the utility. The same area allows you to specify if you are drawing with the finger or with the pen, or how you want to activate the inking process.

The ink amount can be influenced by pressing the spacebar, and you can also adjust the pressure sensitivity level. Inklet makes you specify if you are right of left handed, and also allows you to customize the Virtual Sliders for each drawing application.

To conclude, Inklet offers you the possibility to transform Multitouch and Force Touch trackpads that are embedded in your MacBook, or the Apple Magic Trackpad 2 into a virtual graphic tablet. The app is compatible with numerous drawing apps, and can also work with the Pogo pen for increased accuracy.

The full tablet - Moving your Pogo Sketch lightly around the trackpad will allow the cursor to hover without inking. Increase pressure to draw; heavier pressure will result in a thicker stroke.
Handwriting recognition - Inklet works with the handwriting recognition built into OS X. Use your trackpad to jot notes or doodle. Advanced palm rejection - Inklet includes an advanced algorithm to detect unwanted trackpad touches. This means you don't have to worry about accidentally resting your palm on the trackpad as you draw.

What's new in Inklet 2.0.0
- All new Virtual Sliders. Zoom in or change the brush size just by sliding your finger on the edge of the trackpad. Virtual Sliders may be customized for each application, and several popular presets are already included.
- Turbocharged trackpad scanning rate for smoother, better drawing performance in all drawing applications.
- New Auto-pause feature. Inklet detects when you move an external mouse and will automatically pause until you're finished interacting.
- Massively improved pressure control for multitouch trackpads, and solid gains on force-touch trackpads as well.
- Brand new slide-to-start feature for instant access to Inklet without accidental activations.
- Improved tablet compatibility with all drawing programs, including pressure support in Painter 2015.
- Introducing full support for the wonderful, pressure sensitive, Magic Trackpad 2
- New custom-designed audio feedback when drawing starts and stops.
- Overhauled UI and setup flow.
- Inklet workspace will auto-detect and conform its aspect ratio to match the active trackpad.
- Control-click to activate context menu is now supported when using the spacebar to ink.
- Improved support for older operating systems, starting with 10.7 Lion.
- Lots of under-the-hood improvements and foundation for future updates.

Requirements: Intel, 64-bit processor OS X 10.7 or later

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