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Ableton Live 9 Suite v9.6.2 (Win)
Ableton Live Suite 9.6.2 Multilingual (x86/x64) | 939/958 MB

Ableton Live is one of the best sequencer on the market. Perfect for composers traditional and simply indispensable for DJs and electronic musicians, is the top choice for mixing, recording, compose and arrange music.
- The new tool for converting audio into MIDI allows you to extract rhythms, notes and chords from audio tracks and convert them into MIDI files, then totally editable.

Not only that: you can also sing something into the microphone, turn it into a MIDI file and assign any instrument. If you wanted to play a guitar solo with the voice, now you can do it!

- The automation is recorded (and later edited) directly into the clip, making it as easy and straightforward process.
- The browser has been updated and is now easier to find sounds, effects, instruments, loops and all other elements.
- The library has been further enhanced, and new Instruments Rack offer thousands of sounds, from vintage synths to drum kit and loop through acoustic instruments.
- Ableton has radically redesigned some effects, and has added new ones, including the Glue Compressor (created in collaboration with Cytomic), an incredible compressor console 80s.
- MIDI editing tools improved.
- Max for Live is now included in the suite, with 26 tools dedicated to it.

Ableton Live is a real digital musical instrument. In strictly 2D interface (and therefore very docile with the processor), Ableton Live provides all the tools that are used to make music.

This means that, in addition to an advanced sequencer to record real-time audio and MIDI tracks, you have a drum machine, simulators for bass and guitar amplifiers, samplers and effects of all kinds. You can also create custom effects rack that you can save for future use.

Extract groove: how to use it
One of the peculiar features of Ableton Lives Groove Extract, which extracts the feel of an audio file to apply it to another. Lets clarify with an example.

Lets say you have an audio track of battery that you love it and you want to use it in a piece youre writing. The procedure is simple: take the audio file and import it into the Ableton Live timeline, it automatically puts in time with the rest.

But there is one problem: the feel of the battery does not fit that of the rest of the instruments and warns clearly that it is an inserted track by force.

Ableton Live with the problem is solved with a simple click of the mouse. Go for example to the track with the bass, or other instrument in the piece plays a significant role rhythmic (can be a funky guitar, or piano, for example), click it with the right button and choose Extract grooves from the menu.

In this way, the groove is saved in the collection groove. To check this you can click on the button showing two waves, which is located in the lower left of the Ableton Live browser.

At this point you can apply that groove to all the tracks you want simply by selecting it from the File menu Groove Clip View section.

Returning to the example, by extracting the groove from the bass track and applying it to the battery, it will fit perfectly with the rest of the piece.

Some technical specifications
The algorithms of time Ableton Live stretching are the most advanced on the market, and make time different tracks, recorded at very different bpm is a breeze (and excellent results).

Ableton Live masterfully handles the AKAI libraries, MIDI format (mapping controller is by far the simplest of the whole digital audio category) and supports the VST plugin. Through the rich Preferences menu you can turn on and off every single input and output that your sound card has (in order to free system resources that would otherwise remain occupied but unused), and you can configure MIDI controller connected to your computer (for example, Novation controllers, with which Ableton has a strong partnership).

From the Audio tab you can instead choose the size of the input buffer, output, the sampling frequency and many other parameters. If your computer is multiprocessor, you can determine whether to use all cores available with Ableton Live, or use only one.

Although this is a professional application, learn to use it is not complicated, because the Ableton has focused heavily on usability, with surprising results.

One of the features of Ableton Live is the presence of two different views of the interface, a specification for performing live and thought having in mind the needs of DJs and electronic musicians, and a classic, pure sequencer that lets you record and accommodated in a classical way.

The first kind of display is also a brilliant arrangement means that no other program features. The ability to move, copy, edit each clip and place it at any point interface design helps you to experiment with different arrangements in the most intuitive way. Test, change, add, remove. In Ableton Live it is all incredibly easy.

Ableton Live is a music of the highest magnitude software. The list of world-famous musicians who use it every step of the creative process is endless: Daft Punk, Nine Inch Nails and Mogwai are just a few.

The surprising aspect is that it is also accessible by those who have great experience with similar applications. And it is rare to find professional programs with this high degree of usability.

- ShiChuang XP, ShiChuang Vista, ShiChuang 7 or ShiChuang 8.1 & 10
- Multicore processors
- 2 GB RAM
- 1024x768 display
- Required disk space for basic installation: 3 GB free disk space

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