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Bullyfinger - Rumblefawk Synth Bass Vol.2 WAV MASCHiNE

Bullyfinger - Rumblefawk Synth Bass Vol 2 WAV MASCHiNE | 314 Mb

Back with another one! Even more analog and digital synth bass power combined with outboard processing for extra flavor. A super wide variety of tones for your productions. RUMBLEFAWK 2.

We designed RUMBLEFAWK 2 to capture the greatness of Analog and Digital synthesizer bass but still fitting on a flash drive to take with you if needed. If you want to use the 16 levels function of your Maschine and/or MPC, Load up a sample and then use the notes to play out your bassline on the pads or use midi keys. All tones have the rootnote of C1 (minus the monotron) and we didn't create loop points in order to give you the freedom to take the super long 10 second samples of each and run it through effects, ADSR & filters, editing it exactly as you wished without a cutoff point.

73 Analog & Digital Bass Synth Tones From:
Moog Little Phatty Stage Edition
Dave Smith Instruments Tempest
Mutable Instruments Anushri
Mutable Instruments Elements
Korg Monotron
Moog Opus3

8 Bonus Bass Tones From:
Crazy processed Limited Edition Moog Taurus III
Commodore 64 SID chip

Outboard Gear Utilized During Recording:
Api 512c Preamp
Neve 542 Tape Emulator
Little Labs VOG
Moog Freqbox
Moog Drive Minifooger
and the Dave Smith Instruments Dsm02 Character Module

Bullyfinger - Rumblefawk Synth Bass Vol.2 WAV MASCHiNE

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