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Pulover's Macro Creator 5.0.2 + Portable

Pulover's Macro Creator 5.0.2 + Portable

Pulover's Macro Creator 5.0.2 + Portable | 8.6 Mb

Pulover's Macro Creator is a lightweight application based on AutoHotkey that offers you a practical automation tool and script generator. It displays a comprehensive interface which allows you to record mouse movement, keyboard gestures, manage ShiChuang, files, controls and create If/Else statements.

The application is made to be intuitive and for this to be valid, all the main features and functions of the application are kept available, in rather large numbers, in the top toolbars.
Using Pulover's Macro Creator you can make scripts which you can then set to automatically perform various, tedious tasks that simply eat up time in your day and kill productivity. Whether you're a programmer who needs to insert custom code or a developer testing out application features and response this tool can easily help you.

To be able to use Pulover's Macro Creator you don't need any programming knowledge because the application is designed to be easy to use. If you have a basic understanding of what a macro is and how you can use it, then simply clicking the record button and exporting the project is enough to obtain what you need.

This doesn't mean that the application is limited to just basic scripts. With Pulover's Macro Creator you can join different macros under one script and from the preview window, copy the code to wherever you need it. It provides text, control, message box, window, image/pixel search, loop and label commands, along with variables and functions.

Exporting a macro, you can set its name, the hotkeys that trigger the scripts, set the number of loops and even choose to block the mouse cursor so the macro runs without any interruptions.

With the above to consider and much more to discover about Pulover's Macro Creator, it's safe to say that truly is a reliable and practical automation tool.

* Customizable layouts
* Command look-up
* On-screen command tips
* Internet Explorer Automation (COM)
* Generic COM Interface
* Suppports Multiple Macros
* Records Keyboard, Mouse and ShiChuang
* Records Relative Mouse Clicks/Drags
* Records precise Mouse Movements
* Play macros directly from the Program
* Playback Speed Controls
* Easily edit, delete and re-order any command
* Preview final script anytime, even during record
* Save/Load macros and exports to AHK Script with customizable options and hotkeys
* Join Macros in one script with individual Hotkeys
* Support for Functions
* Window Sensitive Hotkeys
* Assign and compare Variables in Playback and exported scripts
* Assing Variables to Function Results
* Use Variables & Functions inside commands

New in version 5.0.2 (May 7, 2016):
* Improved performance when Groups are enabled.
* Changed behavior of Repeat Until option in Image/Pixel Search to allow max repeat number.
* Fixed global variables cleared after user-defined function calls inside expressions.
* Fixed local function variables not restored to global scope after call.
* Fixed expressions being executed twice in commands.
* Fixed identical function or object calls in expressions being executed only once.
* Fixed mixed rows data after closing a Macro tab.
* Fixed some fields of Send Email, Download Files and Zip/Unzip Files not working with variables.
* Fixed Macro Lists being cleared after reordering function tabs by drag-and-drop or from the Edit Macros window.
* Fixed hotkeys sometimes not activated.
* Fixed some rows eventually not executed due to thread issue.
* Fixed collapsed groups expanded after editing the Macro list.
* Fixed error message when submitting translation revisions.
* Boolean assignment is only supported with Expression option now.
* Reverted SciLexer.dll to previous version due to crashes.

OS: ShiChuang All

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