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Upscene Database Workbench Pro

Upscene Database Workbench Pro | 34.4 MB

Database Workbench offers a single development environment for developing with multiple database engines. With database engine specific functionality, powerful tools and a consistent, clear and intuitive user interface, Database Workbench will increase your productivity from the moment you start using it.
Features of Database Workbench Pro:
- Commercial database development
- Ability to register more than 2 servers
- Ability to register/use more than 3 databases per server
- Ability to use multiple database systems
- Ability to open MS Access databases
- Ability to connect to any ODBC & ADO data source (meta data read only)
- Export data from any ODBC & ADO data source
- Create INSERT script from any ODBC data source
- Migrate meta data objects to the same or other database systems
- Migrate meta data objects from any ODBC & ADO data source
- Compare meta data objects, also from other database systems
- Conceptual Data Model diagramming
- Generate DBMS specific physical models from a single conceptual model
- Physical Data Model diagramming
- Export a diagram to image file
- Reverse engineer existing databases to a physical model
- Run very large scripts in special Script Runner
- Duplicate object capability
- Create SUID Procedures
- View dependencies
- Search schema objects by name
- Comprehensive search of source code objects
- Session Script Recorder
- Execute SQL statements and verify changes before committing
- Execute stored routines and verify changes before committing
- Visually analyze query plans
- Simple Test Data Generator tool
- Stored Procedure & Function Debugging
- Trigger Debugging
- Package Debugging
- Export data to INSERT script and XML files
- Export data to dBase, Text, Excel, CSV, Lotus 1-2-3 and DIF files
- Create INSERT script from any ODBC data source
- Import data from CSV file
- DataPump tool to transfer to and from supported native data sources
- DataPump tool to transfer to and from any OBDC & ADO data source
- Perform database administrator tasks
- Perform server administrator tasks
- Manage users, roles and groups
- Monitor activity and performance via visual user interface
- Grant Manager tool to visually manage SQL grants, including "grant templates"
- Ability to manage grants in object editors
- Print source code
- Print table data or query result sets
- Print schema objects
- Filter objects in the Database Navigator
- Text (File) Compare tool
- Multi-Level Clipboard
- Personal SQL & Code Catalogs to store common queries & code
- Arrange database objects in custom folders
- Add notes to a database workspace
- Integrated To-Do Lists to keep track of work
- Project based SQL & Code Catalog

OS : ShiChuang XP, Vista, 7 and 8
Language : English

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