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DigiDNA iMazing 1.5.9 Multilingual MacOSX

DigiDNA iMazing 1.5.9 Multilingual MacOSX | 31.7 MB

iMazing (was DiskAid) is the ultimate iOS device manager with capabilities far beyond what iTunes offers. With iMazing and your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod), you can: Copy music to and from any iOS device, Backup & restore individual iOS apps and your custom saved data, perfect for freeing up space on your iOS device without losing your files (or progress in a game) or for copying the app as-is to another iOS and much more!
iMazing Key Features:
- Copy music to and from any iOS device (even from one iOS device to another!) regardless of what Mac or PC the device is already synced to; it's music copy how you always wished it could be, without limitations or restrictions
- Backup & restore individual iOS apps and your custom saved data, perfect for freeing up space on your iOS device without losing your files (or progress in a game) or for copying the app as-is to another iOS device
- Transfer files to and from an iOS device, and browse the iOS file system
- Use your iOS device like an external drive
- Browse and save messages (SMS, MMS, iMessage), voicemails, and call logs, none of which iTunes can do
- Browse, save, and add contacts to your iPhone, without automatically adding them to your iCloud account
- Manage multiple backups of the same iOS device and restore from any one (similar to Time Machine for iOS)
- And other amazing things you never thought possible!

The Swiss Army Knife of iPhone, iPad and iPod Management
iMazing is the all purpose iOS management software: expand your control over your mobile data beyond what is normally possible, without jailbreaking your device. With iMazing, you can easily browse and manage your backups, extract and print your text messages, or drag and drop songs to your iPhone. To put it simply, iMazing allows you to go way beyond what iTunes offers - see our extensive feature list below.

iPhone, iPod & iPad File Transfer To Mac & PC
- Transfer files between any Mac or PC and any iOS device, works with all app documents, data and media
- Connect via super fast USB or via Wi-Fi for hassle free accessibility
- No cloud, no jailbreak, no iTunes account or sync required, it just works - even with the all new iOS 9

Device Backup & Restore Management
- Backup, restore and clone any iOS device, completely or selectively per data set
- Keep complete archives of all your devices, including your applications’ data. Restore them anytime on any device
- Backup and restore apps or application data (iOS 9) - save space and reinstall applications as you left them, when you need them

Transfer iPod, iPhone & iPad Music The Right Way
- Transfer music between any iPhone, iPod or iPad and any Mac or PC
- Works both ways, to and from iOS devices without prior sync or iTunes account matching requirements
- Handles tracks, albums, playlists and play counts: rebuild your iTunes library as you like

Copy, Save And Manage iPhone Data & Pictures
- Transfer all iPhone data to any computer: text messages and pictures (SMS, MMS and iMessage), Contacts, Voicemail, Voice Memos, Notes and Call History
- Manage iPhone contacts from your Mac or PC: import or export contacts directly ( vCards, Contacts Mac app and ShiChuang Contacts supported )
- Copy every picture and movie to your computer, from the Camera Roll, from your Photo Albums, or even from iCloud Photo Streams

Transfer All Media, Data & Settings to a New iPhone
- Transfer all your iPhone data to a new device running iOS in two super simple steps
- Create full backups including media, application data and device settings. In order to preserve disk usage, music and video libraries are handled separately
- Restore all data with the click of a button: securely, anywhere and with any computer, independently from iCloud, without any prior sync, no matter the iTunes account linked, it just works

Total Control, Absolute Simplicity
Manage everything on every iPhone, iPad or iPod. Get iMazing, it's simple and gives you immediate access to:

File storage
Every app and associated content
All pictures and videos
Music library
SMS Text Messages
Call history
Voice memos

New in Version 1.5.9:
iPhone SE and new iPad Pro support
iTunes 12.3.3 support
General: 64 bits ShiChuang version
General: iOS 9.3 compatibility
Localization: added Arabic translations, thanks to Mr. Ahmad ALUJAHNI
Accessibility: complete review of UI compatibility with screen readers, on both ShiChuang and Mac
Device Management: added new function "Erase All Content" to the contextual menu of devices listed in the sidebar
Device Management: added detailed battery info to device advanced info window ("Get Info" button)
License Management: added "Retrieve Activation Number" option to the License main menu
Music: added "Only show transferrable media" checkbox’
Music: added "Purchases" and "Apple Music" smart views
Music: the device music library view now also reports wether a track is a purchase or an Apple Music track, and wether it is locally available on the device
Backups: it is no longer necessary to connect a device in order to extract data from an encrypted backup
Backup Browser: extracting data from encrypted backups is now much faster
Backup Browser: current backups for devices listed in the sidebar now appear in bold
Backup Browser: much improved browsing speed
Backup Browser: added "Apps" section to mounted backups
Backup Browser: extract apps from backups as .imazingapp files
Backup Browser: add apps (.imazingapp files) to backups
Backup Browser: remove apps from backups
Backup Browser: remove entire domains from backups
Backup Browser: encrypted backups are not readonly anymore
File Browser: access application shared containers directly from the Apps view
File Browser: UI improvements (ShiChuang)

Fixes and improvements in 1.5.9:
Fixed rare issues when changing backup location
Fixed rare issues when connecting devices via USB or Wi-Fi

System Requirements:
- Mac OS X Lion 10.7, Mountain Lion 10.8,
- Mavericks 10.9, Yosemite 10.10 or El Capitan 10.11
- Every iPhone, iPod or iPad supported
- iOS 1 to 9.x

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