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ACD Systems Canvas X Pro 16.1 Build 2230 (x64)

ACD Systems Canvas X Pro 16.1 Build 2230 (x64) | 155.2 MB

Canvas X Pro - Faster and more powerful than ever before, Canvas X Pro 16 is specially designed to make it possible for engineers, small business owners, and technical graphics professionals to illustrate and communicate with confidence.

Now available in 64-bit, Canvas X Pro 16 is our most powerful product to date.
- The upgraded technology allows for more memory, faster performance, and is DPI-aware to take advantage of todays most advanced hardware.
- Tuned for improved performance. Caters to a wide range of professionals, allowing them to analyze, enhance, and share illustrations with ease and precision.
- Technical illustrators can now open and manipulate documents with over one million objects in seconds vs. minutes.
- Unique and integrated design environment makes it possible for users to work with and combine all graphical elements and apply high-end effects in a single document.
- New modernized interface for an enriched user experience.

What's New
Now optimized to support 64-bit operating systems natively, Canvas X Pro 16 is quick, agile, and capable of working with documents with over 1 million objects. With the speed of Canvas X's most commonly-used operations amped up, you will fly through your projects quicker and more efficiently. UI improvements allow for smoother, cleaner object editing. And with support for DPI settings for high resolution monitors, your projects will look crisp and clear, even on the big screen.

With improved CGM import and export font size conversion and arcs, and support for the latest AutoCAD DWG/DXF 2013 files, Canvas X Pro 16 is truly provisioned for engineers and technical illustrators.

System requirements:

- Intel Pentium 4 or better 64-bit processor
- 2 GB RAM installed
- 1 GB free hard disk space (2 GB recommended)
- 16-bit color or higher (True color recommended)
- 1024x768 or higher screen resolution recommended
- DVD drive to install from the installer disk

- ShiChuang 7, ShiChuang 8, or ShiChuang 8.1, ShiChuang 10 (all 64-bit OS)

New in Version 16.1.2230:
Improvements and Fixed Issues:
- New import filters are added: CDR, PPTX, and DOCX.
- Canvas X can open CVX files created with Canvas Draw 1 and 2 for Mac.
- Export | JPG correctly exports CMYK images.
- Image | Adjust | Level - each time the Levels dialog box opens, the values of the Input Levels reset to (0, 1, 255).
- File | Browse with ACDSee - now supports ACDSee 19, ACDSee Pro 9, and ACDSee Ultimate 9.
- Canvas X no longer crashes by choosing Image | Export | Web Images - GIF/JPG with a rotated image selected.
- The Toolbox no longer shifts each time you launch the application.
- Ctrl + selecting a stroke from the Toolbox will apply to the frame stroke of selected text objects with text box frame.
- Auto Define Document Coordinate System checkbox is no longer missing for S-57 import. (GIS version only)

Known Issues
- When you want to dock the Preset palette to the Docking bar, you must drag the palette to it manually.
- When DXF/DWG files that are created with rotated X- and Y- axes originally, Canvas X rotates the contents accordingly upon import.
- Initial view of 3D DXF/DWG file in 3D View Editor dialog box is from top in general.
- Personality Manager is removed from the Configuration Center.
- 32-bit versions of Canvas X 16 are not available at this time.

ACD Systems Canvas X Pro 16.1 Build 2230 (x64)

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