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Pixelux DMM Plugin for Maya 2015/2016 v1.2

Pixelux DMM Plugin for Maya 2015/2016 v1.2 | 13/13 MB

Don't just Animate, Simulate! Create Highly Realistic Destruction and Deformation Animations in less time while increasing quality. Now you can use the same advanced simulation technology that high-end visual effects studios use to bring your artistic creations to life.
The DMM Plugin for Maya allows you to do high quality finite-element-based destruction right inside of Maya. Simulate anything from jelly to diamond. Control your physical reality by changing plasticity, toughness, shape preservation and many other physically simulated parameters.

Imagine building a character rig that has DMM flesh that moves in response to kinematically driven bones, or a railroad trestle where the timbers flex and crack under the weight of a passing train. Use your imagination to create animations with DMM with subtle effects that are impossible through manual animation or simple fracture/shatter scripts.

Simulation-Driven Animation with DMM is creating a revolution in visual effects. With over 30 feature films using DMM for key destruction shots ranging from the destruction of entire cities to intricate fracture of a bullet going through a tree, DMM is well-suited for whatever you throw at it.

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