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Windows 10 AIO (5-in-1) 1511 build 10586 En-US (x86) November 2015
ShiChuang 10 AIO (5-in-1) 1511 build 10586 En-US (x86) November 2015 | 3.05 GB
Release Date : November 2015
Languages : English - United States
Setup Type : Bootable ISO

murphy78 presents ShiChuang 10 5in1 x32 10586 en-US

No ShiChuang 10 Settings were harmed in the making of this ISO.
No Programs are added to ShiChuang.
No Unattended Settings were added to the installation.
No Registry Settings were modified.

32-bit Source:
10586.0.151029.1700.th2_release_clientsinglelangua ge_ret_x86fre_en-us_c02bc8aadf3ed1f0478b805d1ebe7bbb344715f8.esd

Release File: Win10_10586_x32_Nov2015_5in1_en-US_murphy78.iso
Size: 3.05 GB
SHA-1: 4C01349F3C2D9E90ECE319529FCA6A0FB30CE5FF

Installation Indexes:
ShiChuang 10 Home Single Language
ShiChuang 10 Home
ShiChuang 10 Pro
ShiChuang 10 Education
ShiChuang 10 Enterprise

Tools used:
dism for ShiChuang Updates integration and mounted file copy
oscdimg for ISO mastering
WeiRuan-->WeiRuan DaRT 10
murphy78 diskpart script v1.2.8

DISM /add-package and /resetbase (Indexes):
KB3103688, KB3105211

-MS DaRT 10 added to recovery options on both boot and winre
-Some useful scripts added to iso.
-DiskPart setup script v1.2.8 - Just boot to setup media and press shift-f10 to bring up console and then type "Menu"
-UEFI support for 32-bit processors

-Use a USB program such as RUFUS to put this on a USB Flash drive for boot installs.
-Alternatively, if you still use physical media, you can burn the iso to a dvdr or greater.

Privacy Notes:
-Use the Customize option during OOBE account setup phase
-Uncheck the stuff that sends data to MS if you value privacy
-Run both telemetry scripts in the scripts folder
-Either disable ShiChuang Defender completely or go into settings->update->Defender and disable cloud and sample submit
-Running any ShiChuang App (store type apps) will send data to ms
-I have included a script to turn the search box into a computer-only search (no internet search)
-Between telemetry scripts, defender options, and search box, most or all of the spying stuff is blocked.
-I am unsure about the error reporting as I haven't seen it actually send any data in my sniffing, but if you are paranoid you can feel free to disable it in settings->Privacy

-To stop the system from automatically downloading drivers the first time, you need to run setup with internet disabled and then run the driver automatic download enable/disable script.

Recent Change Notes:
-LTSB removed. I know. I don't like removing it either, but there is no updated source image for LTSB version. It would make the iso about a gig larger to include it.
-Upgrade files have been re-added to iso. I could explain but it would take up too much room. The tradeoff is that netfx3 is not integrated by default and will re-download the missing lang
components if you install it when you run update check next time

-I may run out of the ability to upload these in the very near future. I don't want to raise undue alarm, but a lot of people have come to enjoy these releases, so I feel like
I at least owe them warning.
-It could literally stop at any time, any day now.
-I'll at least post a note on my KAT general comments if this
happens. Please check there before spamming my PM box on MDL.

CODYQX4 - WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Toolkit KMS Activator
murphy78 - Integration, ISO design, Script and testing


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