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Adobe Muse CC is a software solution that allows graphic designers to create unique, standards-based websites without the need to write code. In this four part learning series get to know the Adobe Muse CC workspace and the different view modes, learn how to use the various tools and panels when working in Design View, and discover techniques to enhance your web project. Understand how Master Pages can help in web page creation, and find out how to export your site to HTML. If you're looking for real-world Adobe Muse CC instruction, you'll find it here.

Web Design (31:25)
Introduction (00:08) Print Design (02:30) Print Software (00:57) Web Design (03:55) Web Pages (02:20) What Is Muse (02:59) Understanding Web Graphics (02:16) Resolution (01:42) Size (00:56) File Formats (01:55) Picture Formats (01:32) Alternate Text (02:03) Font Types (04:33) Font Sets (00:31) Generic Fonts (01:34) Font Considerations (01:18) Summary (00:08)

Views & Selection (18:53)
Introduction (00:08) Views (04:43) Design View Tools (05:46) Design View Panels (03:33) Selection Tool & Control Panel (04:33) Summary (00:08)

Creating a Site (14:39)
Introduction (00:08) Create New Site (02:15) Site Properties (04:09) Create Site Map (05:17) Site Tiers (02:41) Summary (00:08)

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