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Audiobro LASS Legato Sordino 2.01 KONTAKT
Audiobro LASS Legato Sordino 2.01 KONTAKT | 5.52 GB

Legato Sordino is an add-on string library that picks up where the original LASS. Legato Sordino now sound like some of the most coveted film scores and orchestral recordings with or without the ARC by simply accessing a Color drop-down menu on the front panel; or, you can chose Colors using the ARC that comes with LASS Full 2.5. Our Batman Cries Sordino Multi is a perfect example of this.
With LASS LS patches, you can:
* Play legato, portamento and glissando in real-time without Key Switching by simply playing different velocities.

* Use the Auto Arranger to play polyphonic legato and Auto Divisi passages in real-time.
* Use the Dynamics Attenuator (CC Attenuator) to breath new dynamics into your parts.
* Automate any blue button you see above with CC automation.
* Tune the patch with the Tuning Table (see Tuning Table section in index)

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