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Xojo 2015r3 (Mac)
Xojo 2015r3 (Mac) | 447 MB
Create native and cross platform desktop, web and mobile platforms, using Xojo

Create anything
With support for graphics, database services, Internet protocols, and more features, you can use Xojo to quickly write anything you can think of. With Xojo, you can create a commercial software product, you can also write the internal use of practical tools to help you easily handle all kinds of transactions, or you can learn programming through it. In fact, Xojo development environment itself is developed using Xojo!
Quickly build applications
You can only use a code to support multiple platforms, there are more than 40 available built-in user interface controls, so that the appearance and behavior of your program on any platform are as you wish. You can also use powerful language to create your network program to replace the HTML, CSS, PHP, javascript and AJAX, and other tools you may not be familiar with, saving a lot of development time!
Modern development environment
Xojo is a modern object-oriented language. It supports inheritance, class interfaces, polymorphism, and strong types. Provides a package of thousands of operating system API calls, Xojo to the details of the abstract, provides a unified approach and interface, thereby reducing the number of multi platform development time, so that you can focus on the core functions of your program and different places.
The machine and multi platform
Xojo program requires the interpreter or virtual machine, they will be fully compiled for the machine code, so it can be more rapid execution while protecting your intellectual property rights. Xojo uses native controls provided by the operating system, so that your program can have correct look and behavior on all platforms. Development is also cross platform. Development on the most popular operating system that you use most often and then to compile the program for multiple platforms.

System requirements
OS X 10.7 or Later





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