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Free Opener. + Portable
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Free Opener is a versatile and very convenient program for viewing and editing the various files. Utility supports over 350 different file formats, so you can use it to easily open, view and tweak the content of almost any file. You can also unpack common archives, and packing selected files into ZIP archive.

With free opener, for example, you can view and edit most popular file formats - documents WeiRuan-->WeiRuan office, PDF files, image files, torrent files, icons, web pages, text documents, graphic files of various imaging programs, view audio and video files, including flash and much more

Installation on the computer only this software allows you to replace the download and installation of many other essential programs, including programs-packers, viewers of specific file formats, encoders, converters, etc

The program is so easy to use that English You do not need. To get started with the program in the main application window select the menu item "open" and specify a file that should open it, right there in the main window, the user is provided with four tabs: tab to perform operations on a file, tab edit, tab view and tab with information about the current file. In the program there are no settings and options, besides setting the program interface (you can hide or show the ribbon of instrumentov), which increases the accessibility of the software for novice users because it does not require installing additional application settings.

In the application at a time can be opened only one file. When selecting and opening another file the previous file is automatically closed by the program, but at the same time you can open several instances of the program (portable version to do this in the configuration file - " ini" and setup the value "AllowMultipleInstances=true").

* Intuitive and ergonomic user interface suitable even for novice users do not speak English.
* Performed all basic operations with text files (bat, .cfg .ini that .log .reg, .The txt format).
* Supported file formats office documents, files, presentations and spreadsheets.
* Supports file formats of electronic books (.PDF .formats epub .djvu, etc.)
* Ability to open torrent files.
* Some supported subtitle formats for the video.
* You can play all popular formats of audio and video files.
* Supports various formats of audio and video files.
* Supports various formats the most common image files.
* Fast image processing, including feature cropping photos, resizing and launch print preview documents.
* View in HTML-pages.
* Supported file formats source code languages for web programming.
* Have the ability to open archive files (7z and .GP, .Bank .PAP .Thar, .tgz on that .ZIP).
* The ability to pack files to zip format.
* Does not require installation of additional codecs or converters for video and audio formats.
* Ability to open files of programming languages.
* Built-in hexadecimal editor (hex editor).
* and much more

The main supported formats:
.CSV file format the 3fr files to 3G2, 3gp formats, 4XM, 7z, AAC, AC3, act, AEA, AIFF files, all, AMR, Ani, ANM, APC, APE, Ari, ASF, asp, aspx, AU, AVI, BAK, bat, Bay, BIK, BIN, BMP, BO, ka, AKR, Cam, CDG, CDXL, cfg and conf, config, CPK, CR2 files, CRW have, coding: cs1, CSS, in CSV format, cur, cut, date, DC2, DCM, DCR, DCS, DCX, DIB, DIC, Dicom, including DivX, diz, DOP, Doc, Ministers, Doc, dot, dotx and docx formats, DTS, EAC3, EMF, EML,FVD, Fax, whew, FLAC, FLV, G3, G3N, G722, GIF, GSM, GXF, GP, H. 261 video Converter, H263, H264 Format, mon, HTML-code, ICD, IHO, S, IFF, PKI, information, ini, KIKA, jar, Java, j2c, J2K, have jfif, JIF, jp2, jpc, JPE, JPEG, JPG, JXR, K25, KDC, log lvf to activate the chronometer should, LXF, lyr, who, M4A, M4V and MANIFE, MDC, MEF, mid, MKA, MKV, MLP, MOE, MOV, MP2, MP3, MP, MPA, MPC, MPEG, mpg, MRW, MSG, MV, MVI, mxf, NEF, NRW, NSV, nut, NUV, Oh, OGG, OGM, buo, Keane, page, soup, PAL, PBM, PCC, UGC, PCX, PCD, PDF, PEF, PGM, PHP, PIC, PIX, PMP, PNG, PPM, PPS,. PPTX, PSD, PSP, PTX, PVF, PXM, BYTE FOR BYTE, THE TYPES QCP, RA, RAF, RAR, RAW (.arw, .Euro-2 .CR2 file, .TAC .Dng, .FZO, .MEF, .MRW, .NEF, .Keane, .PEF, .Raff, .raw .in sr2, .x3f have), RDC, reg, resx files in the format of RGB, rgba, RLA, RLE, RM, RMVB, ROQ, RPP, RPL, rtf, RW2, service life, GHI, SN, sm, St Petersburg, sr2, SRF, SRT, SRW, SQL, SWF, tar, TARGA, TGA, tgz, TIF, TIFF, TMP, TTA, the output is in TXT, to, FD, SCBA, VMD, VOB, etc, VQF, UGT, W64, WAV files wbmp, WDP, win, WMA, WMF, WMV, WV, x3f have, XA, XIF, xls, xlsm, xlsx, XML, and, in the case of xmv, xpi, XviD and xwma extension, can, ZIP, etc.

Free Opener. + Portable

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