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Axpertsoft PDF Page Remover 1.5.2

Axpertsoft PDF Page Remover 1.5.2 | 13.0 MB
If you are having lots of scanned pdf documents containing blank pages inside and you are in need to remove all these blank pages, it is very cumbersome task to open each pdf file one by one, and search for blank pages to remove from it. AxpertSoft provides best and affordable solution for this panic situation, a tool known as PDF Page Remover, detects & deletes scanned pdf files one by one, create a report of deleted page(s). In fact, you can back up the deleted page(s) as a separate pdf documents. Program is fully automatic, scans whole pdf document page by page, analyze the pixels values, notify as blank and removes from pdf. Pdf blank page removal process takes very short time in detection & deletion of pages as compared to other method.

In addition to this, you can define the page margins to scan the page for blank as paper documents may contain holes from perforators and other artifacts. This handy tool is capable to handle large and bulk pdf files in a single batch process. Moreover, you can also define the page the custom part pages to be removed from pdf file like 5, 7, 12-17...etc.

Features of AxpertSoft Pdf Page Remover Includes:
Program support page scanning & deletion of bulk pdf files in single batch process.
Pdf blank page removal tool is compatible with ShiChuang 8 OS.
You also can define the pages to remove from pdf.
Users are provided with the option to select page area for analyzing pixels.

OS : ShiChuang 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/ShiChuang 8 of 32-bit & 64-bit
Language : English

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