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Portable Golden Software Voxler 3.3.1843

Portable Golden Software Voxler 3.3.1843|ShiChuang(x32/x64)|rar|97.7 mb

Create powerful, fast, customized 3D images of your data with Voxler 3. Easily import data in a multitude of file formats to create stunning models that visualize the relationships across your data set. This robust, yet user-friendly program gives you the power to display your data in a variety of formats and colors, capture video animation of your moving model, and select from several image and data export options.

Explore the world of three-dimensional visualization with Voxler! Voxler takes your raw, complex data and models it in a rich, interactive, 3D visual environment. The updated, easy-to-understand user interface allows you to quickly visualize and examine your data. With robust data compatibility, importing data into Voxler is fast and easy. You can filter anomalies, duplicates, or areas you want eliminated. Interactively manipulate your data while viewing the results, and personalize Voxler with a multitude of settings.

Voxler Overview
Voxler takes your raw and complex geologic, borehole, point cloud, and GIS data and models it in a rich, interactive, 3D visual environment that generates stunning models that speak for themselves. Scientist and stakeholders alike will be impressed with the astonishing ease that it takes to get up and running with Voxler and the quality of models that are efficiently fabricated. The updated, easy-to-understand user interface allows you to quickly visualize and examine the robustness of your data in 3D. With exceptional data compatibility, importing multiple data types and formats into Voxler is fast and easy.
Features include:
isosurfaces, rendered volumes contours, height fields, stream lines, vector plots scatter plots, ortho & oblique images, clip planes annotation and text, axes, bounding box, 3D gridding, more computational operations, adding light to a scene, import/export various file formats, automation, capture video, and much more
Who should use Voxler?
Geoscientists studying seismic data, drill holes, petrography, and remote sensing surveys
Environmental Professionals analyzing groundwater and soil contaminant studies
Meteorologists compiling atmospheric studies
Oceanologists evaluating water temperature, contaminants, and salinity surveys
Biologists conducting organism sampling
Bio-Technicians visualizing confocal microscopy data
Engineers showing parameters distributed throughout the volume of an object
Engineers requiring visualization of computational fluid dynamics
Research and Development Groups performing numerical simulations
Geo-Statisticians illustrating reservoir characterizations
Seismologists modeling velocity
Physicists tracking particles
GIS Researchers mapping subsurfaces
Medical Professionals analyzing MRI, CT, and ultrasound scans
Anyone desiring to see the distribution of 3D data
What's New in Voxler 3?
Render Well Data in 3D
3D Volumetric Modeling with Volumetric Calcualtions
Label Scatter Plots by any X, Y, Z, C or Text Values
New 3D Block-style Model
Clip multiple graphical display modules
Expanded File Support
Drape Imagery over 3D HeightFields
The User Interface is Now More Friendly
Multithreaded Processing
Exporting 3D Gridded Data to a Single Data File
Flexible Data Transforms
Convert Data from Wells and Lattices into 3D Point Clouds
Drape Contours over Surfer Grid Files
Increased Range in Automation Controls
Display Cross-sections in 3D Space

System Requirements
IBM or compatible Pentium/AMD processor (900 MHz or greater), 512 MB RAM or greater. 1024 x 768, 16-bit display (32-bit recommended)
ShiChuang Vista all SP
ShiChuang 7
Language English

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