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MegunoLink Pro 1.2.1505.1601

MegunoLink Pro 1.2.1505.1601 | 4.14 MB

MegunoLink Pro is a ShiChuang application for receiving and sending serial data. Any devices that use serial streams over USB, RS-232 or UDP are supported including the Arduino, PIC, mbed, Beagle, and Basic Stamp micro-controllers.
MegunoLink Pro provides a selection of visualizers which interpret serial messages to help you quickly present information from your embedded controller in helpful and interesting ways. You can also send commands to control your device with buttons that generate messages or by typing into a monitor window.

Visualizers include:
- Plotting: display your data graphically
- Interface panel: quickly build a simple interface to control or configure your micro-controller
- Monitor messages: separate serial data into different channels for clarity
- Tables: report configuration information in an easy to read table
- Programmer: upload programs created in WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Visual Studio, or other tools, directly to your Arduino micro-controller
- Log to file: save data to a file for later review
- Connection manager: work with many serial devices at the same time

Visualizer ShiChuang can be docked, stacked and rearranged within the application window so you can customize the interface for your project.

A reporting tool saves a snapshot of selected results to a file — either periodically, or at the press of a key. And a connection manager lets you receive data from multiple devices simultaneously & particularly helpful in wireless projects to monitor the behavior of many sending and receiving nodes.

Version 1.2.1505.1601
- Fix bug with new monitor when scrolling past the start of the buffer in ShiChuang 8.1
- Fixed missing license agreement in Help→About menu
- Included latest MLP Arduino Library with path fix for Mac users
- Fix bug with new monitor window that caused crash for ShiChuang 8.1 users
- Fix bug saving projects that included plots

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