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Music Collector Pro - is an intuitive CD database software solution that you can use to automatically catalog your music collection, without requiring any complicated user input. Music enthusiasts always have large collections of discs, but nowadays, it is more practical to have all the songs stored on the computer, rather than on CDs strewn all over the house. Music Collector is a nice app that was designed to help you organize all the music you possess. The program has a clean interface that should be easy to figure out by all users.

The app can catalog the CDs by simply inserting them in the CD-ROM drive. Alternatively, you can scan the barcode or type the name of an artist and title of a disc to download all data from the Internet, including the artist name, title, year or release, label, track titles and the cover image.

All the entries are listed to the side of the interface and whenever you click on any of them, you can find out additional details. For instance, you can view the number of songs, the artist, music genre and length of the disk.

Also, since the app downloads data from the Internet, you can view the covers of the disc, the tracks and their individual durations, as well as several links where you can buy the album from. The program provides a graphic representation regarding the type of albums stored in the collection so far.

All in all, Music Collector is a useful tool if you have a large music collection. Less experienced individuals shouldnt have any troubles while working with this program, thanks to its overall simplicity.

Key features:

Add albums by:
Inserting CDs in your CD-ROM drive (recommended method)
Scanning the CD barcode with a barcode scanner (works great for US CDs)
Typing the Artist and Title (recommended for LPs)

Add Album Manually:
Add using the step-by-step Add Wizard or the flexible

Advanced Mode:
Unlimited number of albums and tracks
After adding items, you can use the Edit screens to edit the data to your own liking and add personal data (e.g. purchase info, or personal notes)
Use the Edit Multiple data to modify multiple records in one go
Import MP3 file data from companion program MP3 Collector

Available data fields:
Main: title, artist(s), genre, format, release date, length, label, catalogue number, packaging, conductor. orchestra, disc(s), track list per disc
Cover images: front and back
Extra details: country, studio, recording date, UPC, mono/stereo, tourname, live, rare, extras
Musicians lists, including the instruments they play
Other credits: songwriters, producers, engineers
Personal details: purchase date/price/store, owner, location, rating, notes
User defined fields: 2 text fields, 2 picklist fields, 2 user definable credit roles
Track fields: same as album (where applicable) plus: BPM, lyrics file link, audio file link. Tracks fields automatically inherit album values where track values are empty.
All fields can be renamed, e.g. to your own language

Viewing, searching and sorting:
View your collection as a list with multiple columns or by cover image in the Images View
Sort on any field, or on multiple fields
Configurable lists, choose which fields to show as columns
Automatically group albums or tracks in folders, e.g. by Artist or Genre
Track View for viewing/sorting/grouping track lists independent of albums
Skinnable Details View, use one of the included skins or download more user-created skins from our Templates page
Quick Search, for finding albums that contain the text you type, in any field

Filter feature:
Search in specific fields
Search in multiple fields in one search
Use AND or OR to combine filter conditions
Use NOT to show all items EXCEPT the filter results
Statistics screen, showing a graphical chart with bars per artist, genre, format, etc...

Print lists of all albums or all tracks in the database, you can choose which fields to show as columns and which field to sort the list on.
Print one album per page with all details, including the track list and the cover images (PRO only)
Print 14 albums per page, including front cover image and main fields (PRO only)
More user-created print layout templates can be downloaded from the Templates page (PRO only)
Print a selection of albums/tracks, e.g. the result of a search

Language support:
English, Nederlads, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Croatian, Italian, Portuguese, Slovenian, Danish, Indonesian

Whats New in version 15.1.2:
Tweaks to CLZ Cloud Syncing screen and toolbar buttons.

CLZ Cloud Syncing screen:
Login info and CLZ Cloud viewer link now prominently displayed at the top.
Optional Do you want to view your CLZ Cloud now? message after syncing.

CLZ Cloud toolbar in main screen:
Sync button now shows Sync Status (red exclamation mark indicating not in sync).
New View my CLZ Cloud button (existing users: place on toolbar using View / Toolbar / Customize).

More stable CLZ Barry connections

The built-in CLZ Barry support has been changed to always keep your Barry connection alive.
No more spontaneous disconnects. Requires CLZ Barry 2.0 (free update for iOS and Android).

Sync 2.0: accounts with non standard characters in password would return Invalid Login.

OS : ShiChuang 8, 7, Vista, XP
Language : Multilingual

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