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Wolf USB Installation in Windows Plaforms 2012
Wolf USB Installation in Windows Plaforms 2012 | 7.38GB

This assembly is designed to boot 3 operating systems (WinXP-Win7-Win8) for netbooks and computers, where the missing or failed CDDVD drive.


1. Windows ?XP SP3 XTreme ?WinStyle Water 15.04.2012 + DriverPacks (SATA / RAID).
2. Windows7 Red & Black Ultimate x86 and x64 from the magnificent master Putnik.
3. Windows8 Release Preview Rus Full x32 version of the official website of Microsoft.
4. Programs to prepare sections of HDD and emergency work. My SV micro PE and Lex-Pex as uncompressed folders. On request they can be changed and added to taste. Excellent well run programs directly from the image Stea.iso V-2k Conty9.iso. They are easily found on the site.

Installed Programs:
In addition to the installation package for the 3 types of Windows add the following code to work with your computer :
SV-Micro-PE USB Tallin Plus Pack:
Miniature SV-Micro-PE USB Tallin Plus Pack 2k10 (@ SV2004)
Features : WIM-assembly, based on the core BS-Explorer, I loaded for 10 seconds. and running very quickly.
Minimum requirements - 128MB of RAM.
There is support for SCSI / SATA / Raid, network support and multimedia there.

Almost perfect replacement boot diskette - loaded faster than a conventional floppy disk, and the possibilities are rather large, regular office machine lift. Use this assembly from the end of 2009, because love and is very comfortable in the primary preparatory work. HDD and partition to install the OS. Contains a great "gentleman's set of programs: Major programs of all the Russian language version of Acronis: Acronis Disk Director Suite ver 10 Acronis Disk Editor Acronis Disk Recovery Expert Acronis True Image Echo Enterprise Server V 9/7 main programs of Active @ Disk: Disk Image Active @ Password Changer Active @ File Recovery Active @ Partition Manager V. 1.3.011 Eng Active @ Partition Recovery I want to emphasize the presence of the program PTTD (Partitition Table Doctor). Excellent program has helped me to heal and save the download (restore the partition table and mbr) on HDD and external Harden (free agents). Very easy to work program from Symantic (partitition manager and GoHost 11.5) There is a set of diagnostic programs, and in particular, Erd Commander5 and honors program SIW diagnostic PC. system is a rollback option. should be noted that the present time, there is already a very powerful build of the release of conty9 (Multiboot 2k10 CD (DVD) / USB (Acronis & Paragon & Hiren's & Windows Live Ram), which is not inferior to arm assemblies from LEX_PEX and Stea.

WinPE from Lex-Pex:
LEX LIVE CD & USB RAMBOOT FULL MULTIMEDIA 2010 In essence - this is an emergency operating system that boots from the CD-ROM or a USB device into the RAM on your PC. The system can work even if you do not have a working hard drive, or he is absent. has sufficient amount of installed software to view the contents of your hard drive, or connect to the network and make all necessary action on the machine to restore the system, and other problems. Can watch movies, listen to music, browse the internet. Integrated drivers: SCSI / SATA / RAID / IDE, SOUND, VIDEO, LAN, WIFI Antivirus: KASPERSKY, DRWEB, NOD, AVZ and others ... The composition of programs in assembly: Antivirus utilities HDD Information recovery CD, DVD utilities Internet and network Archivers Passwords Office System tests encryption and many others. For core are screenshots. menu Utilities (Utilities) runs a number of useful tools for the diagnosis and treatment of MS.

Anti Win Locker Live CD v3.3:
Recently, more and more often faced with the problem of infecting your computer pornography banners that need to transfer money to the account or send sms. And here's a solution to this problem.
AntiWinLockerLiveCD help clean it up - automatically, without you remove the banner and restore the normal load. If the banner is in the startup, there is a manual mode, where you can disable startup items. Features AntiWinLocker 03.03 LiveCD: - Automatic detection of infection or blockage - Cranes selection color. - Ability to disable startup items, as for all users and for each individual. - Automatic mode - the ability to quickly unlock your computer without your knowledge. - Access to registries infected (locked banner) of the operating system Windows. - Access to the file system of your computer is locked - FreeCommander.

Partitition Wizard Home Edit4.2.2:
Program Partitition Wizard Home Edit4.2.2 a mini version of Linux to run WinPE from HDD and partitions.
With this WinPE can split your hard disk partitions, format them, and access to existing sections, make a backup disk or clone it to a different drive.
During boot can slip the drivers from hard disk controller that allows you to manage partitions even Raid arrays. It is believed that by Paragon WinPE is more versatile than Acronis.

PCC EuroSoft6.0:
PCC EuroSoft6.0 Not new, but quite often used diagnostic program for PC.

Password Key:
Password Key program to edit registry, change passwords in Windows NT/2K/XP/Vista

Utilities for the HDD:
The menu item "HDD Utilits have access to programs for working with HDD, diagnosis and repair of MS and in particular to: PCC EUROSOFT 6.0 (discussed above) Password Key (discussed above) HDD Regenerator v1.51 - program, which in addition to repair bad sectors without loss of data, in fact, allows you to recover partitions from remote files. also set to the "Utilities" also includes other well-known program to the HDD: Victoria MHDD32 mt410 QTPRO FixNTLDR also above the assembly included USB-driver BLOP (speeds up to Flash ustrystv on computers, do not support boot mode USB 2.0), For more information on working with Windows-8 avtoaktivatsii Windows-8 automatically after connecting the internet. therefore recommend that the first step for Windows 8 is an Internet connection. To earn All applications (Applications) Windows-8 requires that when the Internet was simultaneously access them online (no yellow exclamation mark on the icon firewall). Personally I Beeline Internet via a dedicated cable to run through the files of the optional docking. So before still have to apply the procedure alternately manipulating incl. internet and network.

Special warning:

Installation sequence by section:
1. WinXP partition
2. section Win-7
3. section Win-8 Please note. If you install Windows-8 on the next section after, where is Windows-7, in order to avoid activation flew Win-7,
you must:
1.1. section for installation of Win-8 to the main activity using Acronis disk director bystrozagruzhaemaya such as SV-Micro-PE USB Tallin Plus Pack 2k10.
1.2. preferably the first section with the Wind-7 hide. Once you have set the Windows-8 will be loaded only one. can act in two ways:
1.1.1. If you want to return immediately to the first axis, again from a bootable USB open Acronis Disk Director (or other suitable program) to appoint (without changing the letter), the first section with the Wind-seven active and not hidden.
1.1.2. If you want to have a selector installed systems from Wind-8, then: You go from the flash drive to install Wind-8 Rus, but instead of clicking on the bottom line of the installation click "System Restore." In the next window, select the blue "DIAGNOSTICS", next select "Dop.parametry" next window "Auto. System restore" Reboot and see what reloaded Wind-8. Wait quietly continue. information may arise that are repairement work on a section where you installed Windows-8. After Comp. goes to reboot and there is a welcome blue selection window systems installed analog Acronis OS Selector.

Update 30.08.2012:
In the image added to the modified file XPpSP3.iso

CRC32: 3C050A08
MD5: 0EB2A79380B21F1316FBEE4AD6FAC6FC
SHA-1: EFD7F15FE4A480E33343D50E7AE77350797F6AD5

Write the image to stick
Put the BIOS to boot from the Removable Disk

System requirement
Operating system: Windows XP / Windows 7/Windows 8
Processor: Intel Pentium / Celeron, AMD K6/Athlon/Duron or compatible 300 MHz or more (single or dual processor system) 233 MHz
Memory: 512 MB or more (minimum allowable - 256 MB, there may be limited and some features)
Video Card: DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver version 1.0 or higher Available at Railway: 2 to 20 GB of available

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