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Rosa 2012 LTS Gnome (i586/x86/x64)
Size : 2.39 GB

A month after the release candidate (RC1) has been released ROSA Marathon 2012 GNOME Edition (RM2012 GE) - developed by the community version of the distribution ROSA Marathon with a working environment GNOME.

Are the core components of the release of 3.0.38, GNOME 2.32 with GDM 2.20 and the original theme ROSA, Chromium Browser 21, LibreOffice 3.4.5 LTS, ROSA Media Player 1.0, Pidgin 2.10, FBreader, GIMP 2.6 (available in the repositories GIMP 2.8), tag editor EasyTag; as the default font used Cantarell (the font of GNOME 3).

Latest version: 2012 LTS GNOME
Architecture: i586 + x86-64
Type of drive: DVD

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