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GibbsCAM 2015 version 10.9.21-SSQ (June 15,2015)

GibbsCAM 2015 version 10.9.21-SSQ (June 15,2015)

GibbsCAM 2015 version 10.9.21-SSQ | 14.5 Gb

Gibbs and Associates, developer of GibbsCAM software for programming CNC machine tools and a Cimatron company, announced that it has released the newest version of GibbsCAM NC programming software, GibbsCAM 2015. New release introduces its new engine, the Universal Kinematic Machine (UKM), while maintaining the ease of use for which GibbsCAM is known.

GibbsCAM UKM was developed to further simplify programming, provide the flexibility to easily support the most advanced machines and accurately simulate all of the machine components and capabilities of any machine. Driven by UKM, GibbsCAM supports most machine configurations available today and even machines that haven�t been invented yet. GibbsCAM 2015, with GibbsCAM UKM, provides the most accurate and complete rendering and machine simulation available, simplifies programming of complex machines, and enables system-wide performance improvements.

GibbsCAM 2015 version 10.9.21 Update List:

Fix: Resolved an issue in 5-axis that caused the "Parallel to Curves" pattern to undercut the part when the module was set to 4-axis.
Fix: Resolved an issue in the 5-axis module that was preventing the "Ridge Height" value from getting retained.
Fix: Resolved an issue in the 5-axis module that was preventing the "Distance" values from getting retained under the "Projection" strategy.
Post: Implemented custom feature support to the Post Engine when the customer is using legacy post processors.
Fix: Resolved a documentation discrepancy for one of the commands described on the Marco's Wiki.
Fix: Resolved a v11 documentation discrepancy regarding the functions available in "Document Control Dialog".
Update: Implemented the Parasolid v28.0 library into the installation of GibbsCAM v10.9.x.
Update: Enhanced the GibbsCAM Reporters so that they also support XLSM file types.
Fix: Resolved a localization issue in the GibbsCAM Reporter interface where one of the strings was hard-coded.
Fix: Resolved an issue in the Post Processing dialog that was preventing the dialog from retaining the "Starting Program Number".
Fix: Resolved a tool duplicating issue after loading particular processes.
Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented the GibbsCAM Tool Reporter from generating comments.
Fix: Resolved an issue in the Hole Manager for parts containing a sub-spindle that was causing the system to create multiple CS's.
Fix: Resolved an issue in the Hole Manager when using a sub-spindle that prevented the system from drilling in the correct direction.
Fix: Resolved an issue that was causing tools and operations to get removed, and in some cases the part file would become corrupted.

About Gibbs and Associates, A Cimatron Company

Gibbs and Associates - For thirty years, Gibbs and Associates has been a leader in providing cutting edge CAD/CAM technology, while maintaining its signature ease-of-use and productivity. Powerfully Simple, Simply Powerful is the guiding philosophy at Gibbs. Gibbs believes in empowering the NC programmer, machinist, and manufacturing engineer, not eliminating them. Gibbs' goal is to introduce manufacturers to new technologies and new ways of working that makes their machining easier and their businesses more profitable. To achieve this goal, Gibbs creates tools that are naturally intuitive, graphically interactive, extremely visual, associative, and just plain enjoyable to use. Gibbs provides a total quality solution with the service and support that successful customers require.

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