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PlantFactory 2015 Build 2015006140 (x64) (11/05/15)

PlantFactory 2015 Build 2015006140 (x64) (11/05/15)

PlantFactory 2015 Build 2015006140 (x64) | 1.21 GB

Create, Edit and Export High-Quality Animated 3D Plants. Procedural plants with unlimited control for special fx, architectural visualization and real-time environments. PlantFactory is a must have for any vfx pipeline - not only as an ideal companion to VUE, but also as a strong ally in any general environment production scenario.
Whats New in PlantFactory 2015:

- Generate plant geometry as Quads
- Merge branch geometry using Subdivision Surfaces (requires Quad geometry)
- Multiple meshing algorithms using triangles or quads, with optional adaptive density and manual density control
- More control over mesh density of individual parts of the plant
- Use as second UV layer to add detail maps
- Use double-sided materials, e.g. for the front/back of leaves

- 19 new plant species
- 44 simple tutorial scenes explaining specific settings
- Redesigned content, optimized for the new wind
- Preset material library

User Experience
- Redesigned interface and workflow for an improved new-user experience
- Trunk, Branch, Twig, Stem, Leaf and Billboard framework nodes help you get going fast
- Basic and Advanced workspaces, adapted for newcomers and power users
- Edit the same parameter for several nodes simultaneously
- Simplified material creation using the new Basic Material Editor with standard channels for diffuse, alpha, normals and detail maps

- Export meshes using Alembic .ABC format (Ogawa v1.5 and HDF5 v1.0)
- Send portions of plant to ZBrush for sculpting, then back to PlantFactory (using GoZ)
- Export materials using Walt Disney Animations Ptex standard (2)
- Export plants as multiple meshes (i.e. one mesh per node) (2)
- Clean exports thanks to automatic merging of duplicate points
- Custom tailored FBX export preset for Unity 5

- New ultra-realistic wind animation model
- Standardized wind animation for both real-time and offline rendering
- New optimnized Leaf Node to easily add animated leaves to your plants

- New lightweight Simple Segment node for small branches and twigs; can be switched to Advanced Segment easily when necessary
- New Random Range node to create random values depending on the plant seed (ideal to easily create diversity with one single plant graph)
- New Node presets for the Segment and Leaf nodes (3)
- Automatic hiding of Control nodes in the graph, for improved legibility (3)


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