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Shen Professional 3.1

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Welcome to ShenProfessional -powerful and user-friendly software for Acupuncture, TCM, and Practice management. Our full-featured software provides everything your practice needs. ShenProfessional makes it easy for you to learn TCM, and for experienced TCM and Acupuncture professionals to access a vast base of information. It also offers practice management tools including an easy to use invoicing system, patient management system, and calendar!
TCM Theory for beginners and advanced
- ShenProfessional includes a knowledge base that offers you an easy to use, comprehensive study of Chinese medicine. From the Foundations of Chinese Medicine to diagnostic tools, the software gives you over 500 pages of knowledge, with helpful interactive hyperlinks and illustrations.
- ShenProfessional is faster and easier to use than conventional literature, making it great for both beginners and advanced practices.

TCM Tutorial - intelligent TCM Center
-The ShenProfessional TCM knowledge base is expanded in the TCM Tutorial. Here youll find a TCM catalogue with an easy-to-use point search, as well as an Atlas of Acupuncture. This can make patient diagnosis and treatment quick, easy, and accurate.

Billing - flexible and reliable
-ShenProfessional allows you to create invoices with only a few clicks, whether you are billing for procedures, products, or a combination of the two. The software is easy to use and can streamline your billing process.
-In ShenProfessional, you are able to customize the look of your invoices, and can edit items such as invoice numbers, billing codes, and products. The ability to customize the invoicing makes it a perfect choice for any healthcare practice.

Patient Management
-The patient management function of ShenProfessional makes it easy to track your clients from appointment to diagnosis, treatment to invoice. ShenProfessionals patient management can also be a powerful marketing tool, allowing you to generate letters, newsletters, and other printed or emailed communication.
-With a powerful patient management system, your practice can run smoothly. Client records are easy to access, making it possible for you to save detailed information such as symptoms, treatments, and procedures.

-ShenProfessionals calendar works perfectly with the patient management and billing functions, allowing you to keep an easy and integrated record of appointments. You can schedule appointments with a simple double click, and changing an appointment is as easy as dragging and dropping.

TCM diagnostics with Root and Branch
-An individual diagnosis attuned to each patient is the basis of a successful treatment, and contributes to an understanding between you and your patients. ShenProfessional supports you in a timely and effective way in making an accurate TCM diagnosis.

Acupuncture and Point Search
-Time-consuming literature researches are no longer necessary. Benefit from approved point combinations or use the Point Search for an effective treatment.

Interface to MS Word
-ShenProfessional uses a special connection to MS Word. Thus patient data is available automatically in MS Word. Create letters, serial letters and even emails or invoices with only a click. There are no limits regarding layout or marketing.

ShenProfessional - a cross linked system
-The cross-linked database of ShenProfessional allows a new kind of studies. It allows ways, comparable with a page-turner, which you dont want to put away.

Working with folders
-Imagine there is your calendar next to your patients file and additionally you study the point location using an atlas of acupuncture. ShenProfessionals work spaces can do this all and a lot more.

Shen Professional 3.1

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