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Windows 8.1 x64 AIO 8in1 With Update April 2015 (ENG/RUS/GER)

ShiChuang 8.1 x64 AIO 8in1 With Update April 2015 by murphy78 (ENG/RUS/GER) | 6.33 GB

This build was created based on the original images of ShiChuang 8.1 With Update x64, includes 8 editions on a single image with integrated updates until April 2015. System absolutely clean. The choice of the version being installed at the beginning of the installation. Russian and German official language packs included. Details below.

Basis assemblies MSDN images of ShiChuang 8.1 x64:


Composition editors:

ShiChuang 8.1 (Core) x64
ShiChuang 8.1 (Core) N x64
ShiChuang 8.1 (Core) Single Language x64
ShiChuang 8.1 Pro x64
ShiChuang 8.1 Pro N x64
ShiChuang 8.1 Pro with Media Center x64
ShiChuang 8.1 Enterprise x64
ShiChuang 8.1 Enterprise N x64


For additional security, included the latest updates through April 2015.
Installed Net Framework 2-3.5.1
Installers ShiChuang 8.1 were harmed during the creation of this image.
No programs have been added.
The registry is left original.
Added the ability to boot UEFI
In the boot.wim file integrated DaRT 8.1, having additional tools for solving common problems, containing a variety of functions, such as:
1. The Autonomous system file checker
2. Virus scanner
3. Tools for password reset
4. Registry editor
5. And much more.

Includes the following hotfix:

Pre-integration Image (Permanent Updates):

KB2899189, KB2976536, KB2976978-v7, KB2977765, KB2978041, KB2978126,
KB2979576, KB2989930, KB2990967, KB2994290, KB2998174, KB3002885,
KB3004361, KB3004365, KB3004394, KB3006137, KB3008242, KB3008923,
KB3011780, KB3012235-v3, KB3012702, KB3013126, KB3013172, KB3013410,
KB3013455-v2, KB3016074, KB3018133, KB3019215, KB3019868, KB3019978,
KB3020338, KB3021674, KB3021953, KB3022777, KB3022796, KB3023266,
KB3023562, KB3024663, KB3024751, KB3024755, KB3025390, KB3025417,
KB3027209, KB3029606, KB3029803, KB3029944, KB3030377, KB3030947,
KB3031044, KB3031432, KB3032323, KB3032359, KB3033889, KB3034196,
KB3034344, KB3034348, KB3035017, KB3035126, KB3035131, KB3035132,
KB3035527, KB3035553, KB3036228, KB3036562, KB3036612, KB3037579,
KB3038314, KB3039066, KB3040335, KB3042085-v2, KB3042553, KB3044132,
KB3044374, KB3045685, KB3045755, KB3045999, KB3046049, KB3048778-v2,
KB2955164, KB2965500, KB2962409, KB2975719, KB2979582, KB2990532,
KB2993100, KB2993651, KB2977174, KB2984006, KB2994897, KB2995004,
KB2995518, KB2995388, KB2996799-v2, KB3003667, KB2934520, KB2962806,

2nd-integration (Monthly Pending Updates):
KB3004545, KB3013769, KB3013816, KB2959977, KB2980654, KB2894852-v2,
KB2966826, KB2966828, KB2968296, KB2972103-v2, KB2972213, KB2973114,
KB2978122, KB2979573, KB3037576, KB3013769, KB3013816, KB3021952,
KB3023607, KB3036197, KB2973351, KB2973201

About activation:

To activate the archive there is an activator KMSAuto Net v1.1.2.b4 Portable RU
To activate Enterprise version of the archive is a WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Toolkit 2.5.3
If the installation requires a serial number to install click Skip (skip)
Or use your license or other known activation methods.

Installing the Russian and German languages:

Press Win+R
In the window that appears prescribes "lpksetup" and click "OK"
A window will appear "Install/uninstall display language". In it, click "Install display languages"
Specify the path to the file: or (in the archive)
Click "Next"
Waiting for the end of the installation.
Go to control Panel\All control panel items\Language\advanced settings and then select the system language
Go to control Panel->Clock, language and region->Regional standards->Additional->Copy options and put a tick in the parameters below.
Restart the computer. All. Your ShiChuang 8.1 is fully translated!

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