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TweenMaker 1.2 Pro

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TweenMaker is a vector based cartoon animation system that allows an animator to create high quality cartoon character inbetweens with "life". TweenMaker also allows an animator to retime and tweak inbetweens in a quick and efficient manner with immediate feedback. Animation Inbetweening (TweenMaker) - Vector-based animation software that does not remove the animator from the inbetweening process, but rather provides tools that speed up the inbetweening process while improving the quality and consistency of the animation.
Because TweenMaker is a vector based system, it is perfect for both television and web animation. An animator draws the key frames for a character on the computer and then defines the arcs of motion for that character between key frames. The animator then makes simple adjustments to the arcs and the timing until the right results are achieved.

Huge savings in cost due to the significant reduction in the time required to generate inbetweens.
More than "moving cut-outs". TweenMaker combines highly intelligent shape interpolation with user defined arcs of motion to let an animator create inbetweens with "life".
The animator is free to draw key frames in the traditional fashion while using TweenMaker to clean up, color, and inbetween her animation on the computer.
TweenMaker is dynamic enough to handle complex problems such as rotations of the head toward and away from the camera TweenMaker provides simple and intuitive tools for editing the motion and timing of the animation.
After coloring the first key frame, TweenMaker automatically colors the additional key frames and resulting inbetweens.
Any number of inbetweens may be created for a pair of key frames without any extra work.
In scenes where few or no inbetweens are required, TweenMaker continues to stay in the production pipeline as an efficient ink and paint system.

OS : ShiChuang XP/Vista/ShiChuang 7/8
Language : English

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