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Embarcadero RAD Studio XE8 Architect 22.0.19027.8951.
Embarcadero RAD Studio XE8 Architect 22.0.19027.8951 | 6,72 Gb

Embarcadero RAD Studio XE8 is a complete solution for software development to rapidly build native applications for ShiChuang, Mac, iOS and Android from a single source. Modernize existing ShiChuang applications and create highly connected apps for wearable devices and gadgets. Develop high performance, compiled native applications that easily connect to corporate data, cloud services, devices, sensors and gadgets.

Task # 1 and for independent and corporate developers today is to support a fast-growing set of different ShiChuang and Apple devices, types of user interfaces, OS versions, and a variety of form factors. To turn that into a competitive advantage, companies need to find a way to repeatedly multiply the power of the staff of the departments of development, and at the expense of technological solutions. Embarcadero RAD Studio XE8 is thus "a performance multiplier" developers, allowing quick and visual means literally to put on stream creation applications for ShiChuang 8, Mac, .NET, Web, and mobile platforms. You get Delphi®, C++Builder®, Embarcadero Prism™, and HTML5 Builder so the speed of development is at least 5 times, covering ShiChuang 8, Mac OS X, with support for Retina displays and much more. You can significantly reduce the time to market of new products, gaining a significant competitive advantage and perspective directions of development of the business through a multi-platform visual development tools based on components and with the ability to effectively interact with various databases and cloud services.

Main features of Embarcadero RAD Studio XE8:

The fastest path to ShiChuang 8. ShiChuang 8 is already available and opens up new opportunities for developers. Whether you are looking for tools for developing applications for ShiChuang 8 that will run on desktops and x86 tablets, or want to stylize your existing applications under ShiChuang 8, with RAD Studio XE8 it will be easy.

Make a quick start with project templates for ShiChuang 8. To start developing apps for ShiChuang has not always been easy. But you can easily start with one of the popular project templates for ShiChuang 8, including the following types: blank, grid and split pane. Your new app will include fonts, colors, layout, gestures and full screen mode, ShiChuang 8-specific.

Create applications with support for touch. ShiChuang 8 marks a new level in support of touches in applications. With RAD Studio, you can add touches to your applications with minimal effort to provide the best possible experience to the users PC and tablet devices.

Full compliance with ShiChuang 8. IDE RAD Studio XE8 IDE fully tested for compatibility with ShiChuang 8 and you are using Delphi and C++Builder can create awesome apps that will be running ShiChuang 8 on PC and tablet devices on x86, such as the WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Surface Pro and ShiChuang Slate Intel, Intel Atom and AMD.

Create ShiChuang 8 apps .NET and WinRT with Embarcadero Prism. Embarcadero Prism XE8 in RAD Studio XE8 provides you the fastest way to start developing for ShiChuang 8 WinRT using full-scale .NET solutions. If you need to create applications for ShiChuang 8 that will run on all Win 8 tablets, you can do that with Prism.

Simple styling of existing VCL and FireMonkey apps under ShiChuang 8. RAD Studio XE8 provides a simple and convenient technology adapt your existing VCL and FireMonkey apps a new ShiChuang 8. It is really easy to stylize forms VCL and FireMonkey under ShiChuang. Just right click the mouse on the form and select "Convert to Metropolis UI" from the context menu. The form properties are automatically installed properly, and you have to choose which of the styles of ShiChuang 8 to choose. Just adjust the size and location of existing controls and the work is done.

Support Live Tile. Build interactive apps with Live Tile support. Using the desired component and some simple steps you can add more interactivity for users of ShiChuang 8 Enterprise and, thus, to more accurately meet their requirements.

The application development platform FireMonkey FM2. FireMonkey continues to increase its capabilities and increase performance, and its new version - FM2, is a platform for developing business applications of a new generation of CPU/GPU. With it, developers can combine the technique of visual development with the generation of high-performance native code for ShiChuang, including ShiChuang 8 and Mac OS X with Retina display.

New opportunities FireMonkey FM2 include:

Anchor and managing markup
Technology support "Fat finger" for tablet users
User interfaces "Pixel perfect"
Styling the nonclient area
Improved performance and quality
New FireMonkey components
ActionLists and Actions will help you to separate business logic from user interface elements and to improve the quality of your code from the point of view of reuse
Support Audio/Video components including playback controls
A new component of type "grid"

Visual LiveBindings. LiveBindings is a linking interface polzovateley data. This powerful approach has become more available for use in RAD Studio XE8 with the new service Visual LiveBindings. Now there is no need to write the expression or do manual coding. You can use the big graphical relationship diagram and create new in visual mode.

Easier and faster if you do visually. LiveBindings Designer really makes it easier and, more importantly, easier to create relationships between user interface elements and data. Associate data and properties simply drawing lines between objects. You can link two properties of interface elements for their approval, or to realize the connection between data and controls, but in any case, you can see the possible options for properties and fields and to perform visually, i.e. without coding.

View and manage relationships LiveBindings. Once you have created a connection LiveBindings, you can use LiveBindings Designer to manage them. It is easy to get as a General relationship diagram, and to increase individual sections for detailed view. The LiveBindings Designer supports multiple layers, so you can organize the chart type "Photoshop" with the ability to turn on/off layers, making them invisible to filter by belonging to different modules of the project.

Rapid prototyping and transition to a real project. Now as easy as never before was the process of prototyping links to display data in your application. Component PrototypeBindSource provides you model data in different formats. When you are ready to switch to using real data, just switch the connection to your base, and nothing more is required.

Embarcadero RAD Studio XE8 Architect is designed for developers who create traditional client/server application which interacts with databases and cloud services, and Web applications within the enterprise systems. RAD Studio Architect combines the technology of rapid application development with visual data modeling that helps developers to design the most critical data structures in the corporate system. RAD Studio Architect includes everything in the Enterprise edition, as well as powerful tools for modeling and design databases:

Reverse engineering (reverse-engineer), analysis and optimization of databases
Automatic code generation to create the databases on the basis of models for the direct design (forward engineering)
Create logical and physical models based on information from databases and script files
Generate clear and understandable diagrams for easy navigation
Advanced compare and merge with bidirectional process of comparing and merging structures of the models and databases

Note! The Architect edition is the most comprehensive among the four (4 editions: Architect, Ultimate, Enterprise, and Professional). The price of this edition varies from 5 000 to 44 000 evergreen dollars, depending on the number of users. In order to verify this, you can examine the comparative revision table:

Embarcadero RAD Studio XE8 Architect 22.0.19027.8951.

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