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Cjwdev Software Pack 03.03.2015

Cjwdev Software Pack 03.03.2015 | 7 Mb

A tool for producing reports on NTFS permissions across multiple directories and servers. Produce a report of all permissions on specified directories or filter results to show only locations that match specific criteria, such as locations that only a specific user/group has access to.
AD Info
Query your Active Directory domain for information on several different types of objects (Users, Computers, Groups, Printers etc) using this flexible and user friendly Active Directory reporting tool.

AD Photo Edit
A user friendly program for uploading photos into a user's (or contact's) thumbnailPhoto attribute in Active Directory. The images in this attribute are used by Outlook 2010 and several other new WeiRuan-->WeiRuan products to display images of users.

Group Manager
A user friendly application that lets end users edit the members of any groups that they are assigned as the manager of in Active Directory.

Service Credentials Manager
Locates services and scheduled tasks running as a specific account across all servers in your domain and automates the task of updating them to use new credentials

Cjwdev Software Pack 03.03.2015
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