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Mathmagic Personal Edition v9.0 (Mac OSX)

Mathmagic Personal Edition v9.0 (Mac OSX) | 19 MB

MathMagic Personal Edition is an equation editor. It helps you to create and edit complex mathematical expressions using a point-and-click user interface as well as keyboard shortcuts. Use the equations with other software by drag-and-drop, copy-and-paste, and export-and-import. Now, it also serves you as a WYSIWYG MathML editor.

What's New (v9.0 - Feb 2, 2015)
Added: Various Fence types added and User-selected Left-Right Fence templates can be composed using 25 Fence shapes.
Added: Horizontal Bars and Fences can be selected from over 35 different shapes for Over/Under templates.
Added: The width of Horizontal Bars and Fences can be adjusted by the user-specified Incremental unit. Incremental levels can be specified from -10 to 10, from Format -> Horizontal Fence -> Bar/Fence Width dialog.
Added: Various new Frame types added to the Frame Selection dialog, more triangles, pentagon, hexagons and more.
Added: Plus, Minus, Equal sign added to the Plus-Or-Minus symbol palette for mouse users
Added: Multiplication symbol added to the user selectable Large Operator symbols dialog
Added: Option of "Do Not Apply Variable Style for Word if the first char is Uppercase" added to Define Style dialog under Variable. Added to Style menu -> Auto Apply Submenu as well.
Added: Clicking on a Variable Symbol or Bar in a Template such as Fence, Integral, Arrow, Line, or Accent now select it right away without option-clicking for easier application of Color, Size or Nudge. Or just to see the detailed information about the symbol.
Added: Show Options under View menu are remembered after relaunching if "Remember Show Options" is turned on.
Added: New Right-side Align tab added to align left objects to the right-side toward the Align tab.
Added: More detailed Character information displayed for the current selection or for the cursor location.
Changed: Screen drawing of Arrow head improved and better balanced now.
Changed: Double lined Harpoons now have the same line gap with the double arrows.
Changed: If Over or Under Bar/Fence template is recursively used, the width of Horizontal Bar/Fence of the outer one remains same with the inner one's.
Changed: Size commands of +1pt, +0.1pt, -1pt and -0.1pt now apply the Relative size to each character in the current selection, instead of applying the the same size value to all characters.
Changed: Change the current Frame/Fence/LargeOperator checkbox automatically turned on if the cursor is located inside the box for added convenience.
Changed: A few Template palettes have items rearranged.
Changed: Some Factory Settings and Default values changed.
Fixed: Some Frame shapes are improved to make better result for the side gaps, slope width and height.
Fixed: Undo/Redo not worked for Frame type changes.
Fixed: Undo/Redo not worked for the change of Large Operator symbols.
Fixed: Adjusted height of Middle bar fences not minted when the equation is reopened.
Fixed: Pasting Text expression, URL and ASCIIMath works better now with some special characters.
Fixed: GIF saving caused error or invalid image size randomly.
Fixed: Some other minor bugs fixed.

OS X 10.6 or later

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