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Maxwell Render v3.1.0 (x64)
Maxwell Render v3.1.0 Final | 535 MB

Maxwell Render Nextlimit company is an independent system of visualization (rendering) of three-dimensional objects, which is based on the principle of "no assumptions". That is, it is based on the physical properties of light and surfaces. Since the program uses the equation of the wave theory of light, it is possible to visualize three-dimensional scenes with unprecedented quality. Also present in the assembly of Maxwell Render
What's New
Full support to spotlights, fully controllable new emitters workflow. More information here.
Extra Sampling feature, that allows to distribute different Sampling Level values in different parts of the image, saving a huge amount of time More information here.
OpenVDB format supported for volumetric rendering. More information here.
360ยบ Animation tool in Studio, to easily create turntable and time-lapse animations in Studio in just one click. More information here.
Camera sensor models, reproducing the color response of many real world camera models. More information here.
White balance and Tint tone mapping controls of the render. More information here.
Floating Shadows and Floating Reflections in FIRE. More information here.
Support for UDIM and other tiled texture formats. More information here.
Custom Alpha now based on materials as well. More information here.
New Technology Preview Network System (TP Network). More information here.
Hide to Camera in Shadow Channel, to get perfect full shadows for compositing, avoiding the 1 pixel border around the shadow without the need to launch an extra for the full shadow. More information here.
Devignetting can not be negative, for artsy purposes. More information here.
New output macro to specify the name of the channel in the output image file name. More information here.

Improved and simplified licensing procedure
Improved Single Sided SSS model
Improved performance in scenes with a lot of grass and/or hair
50% reduction of memory consumption in volumetrics
Dramatical improvement in memory usage when loading references
Dramatical improvement in memory usage and voxelization time in massive scenes with motion blur
Histogram now can display RGB curves separately
RealFlow RenderKit updated to the latest version
Benchwell can be launched now with a command line flag: maxwell.exe -benchwell or maxwell.exe -benchwell:path to write benchwell results to disk
Optimizations in FIRE to preprocess the scene faster when editing materials
Fireflies and hot spots in FIRE reduced
Added support for machines with more than 64 cores in ShiChuang (ShiChuang 7 or higher required)
Cleaning after rendering in large scenes is much faster now, allows for the next frame in an animation to start quicker
In Studio: display of references in viewport improved
In Network: added preference to connect to a specific Manager

Includes Houdini 14 & 3DS Max 2015 plugins

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