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Intuit Turbotax Deluxe Home & Business 2014 v2014.11.9 (Mac OSX) (February 2, 2015)

Intuit Turbotax Deluxe Home & Business 2014 v2014.11.9 (Mac OSX) (February 2, 2015)

Intuit Turbotax Deluxe Home & Business 2014 v2014.11.9 (Mac OSX) | 741 MB

TurboTax Home & Business - File Schedule C for your business income. Get every dollar you deserve from your business tax deductions. Simplifies asset depreciation and reporting. Save time with simplified asset depreciation and reporting. Get an extra 5% on top of your federal refund with our exclusive bonus.
Get help finding small-business tax deductions
We'll tell you which expenses you can deduct for your vehicle, supplies, utilities, home office expenses and more, so you get every business tax deduction you deserve.

Get the biggest vehicle tax deduction
Well tell you if actual expenses or the standard mileage rate will get you the biggest tax deduction. We can also give you extra help for splitting vehicle expenses between business and personal use.

Get help creating W-2 and 1099 tax forms
Prepare unlimited forms for employees and contractors and print them all on plain paper. No special forms needed. (Note: Mac users must have Internet access to create W-2 and 1099 tax forms.)

Streamline expenses entry
We'll walk you through all expense categories and offer additional tax-deduction suggestions along the ways so you can maximize your savings.

Spot industry-specific tax deductions
We'll walk you through tax write-offs by industry to help you spot commonly overlooked tax deductions.

Enter income easier
We'll show you all business income types on a single page so you know you've covered all sources of business income reported on Schedule K-1, Schedule Q and Schedule C

Simplify asset depreciation
We'll help you determine which depreciation method will get you the biggest tax deduction. Then, we'll guide you through calculating and reporting your depreciation.

Extra guidance for new businesses
We'll show you the startup tax deductions new businesses can take.

Bonus: Get an extra 5% on top of your refund*
Use some (or all) of your federal refund to purchase an Gift Card and we'll tack on an extra 5%- --so, $500 would become $525!

What's New in TurboTax Release 9 (R9):
- About 2 dozen IRS tax forms and worksheets have been finalized.
- Fixed - The Health Care Coverage Tax Credit Area Will Be Ready Soon.
- Fixed - Per Income: Is not accepting the Ending Date for Physical Presence in a Foreign Country.
- Fixed - Schedule A Sales Tax deduction for Nevada.
- Fixed - Healthcare Six Digit ECN Numbers Generating Errors.

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