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BMW ISPI NEXT 3.47.10 + ISTAP 54.3.002 + Loader V2.0 for (K/DCAN) + Clone HDD
BMW ISPI NEXT 3.47.10 + ISTAP 54.3.002 + Loader V2.0 for (K/DCAN) + Clone HDD
Size: 54.22 GB Type: Auto

Year / Date of Release: 2014
Language: Multilingual (Russian present)
Medicine: Present
The new system diagnostics of cars BMW. Works with E and F series. BMW Rheingold is the replacement of the diagnostic program
BMW ISTA / D versions 2.XX. At

BMW ISTA-D RHEINGOLD 3.47.10 (American, English, German, Russian, Chinese, French, Swedish, Turkish, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian languages)

Module (ECU) errors reading and clearing
Gearbox (transmisson) and engine adaptations erasing
Fuel injectors controll, correction amount real time viewing, injector regestering
Engine mountings testing
Mass air flow (MAF) testing and regestering. Whole air system testing
EGR system controll and testing
Turbocharger and related components controll and testing
Diesel particulate filter regeneration (DPF)
Battery replacement
Oil change and service interval reset
Wiring diagrams, live data, repair instructions, technical documents etc
And many more other functions

BMW ISTA-P Multilanguage + Expert Mode (single module programming)

Battery type change
Module (ECU) software updating, coding and replacement
Vehicle retrofitting, options enabling and disabling
Choose ISTA-P language directly from ISTA-P taskbar agent
And many more other functions

Year / Release Date: 2015.01
Version: 2.0 (beemerboy88)
System requirements: ShiChuang
Language: English
License: Freeware
Description: Works on all versions of ISTA / P, ISPI NEXT
Automatic detection of ICOM
Automatic detection of ISTA / P location of the installation
language Selection
The choice of screen resolution
The choice of the brand BMW and Mini
Option to reset / dealerdata
V2.0 new features / changes
Native emulator added to provide K + DCAN USB cable for use with ISTA / P without VMware
Kl15 ignition control added to the K + DCAN (visible only when the emulator is running).
Icon notification added with manual disconnection.
Loader is now minimized in the system tray to launch ISTA / P (safe imrezh not to cover it by mistake)
Desktop Icon display problem fixed (applies to ShiChuang XP)
Some code improvements and minor bug fixes.
Extras. Information: How to set (please read this and follow the instructions exactly).
1. First turn off the anti-virus and run the network configuration tool (NetworkTool.exe) (IMPORTANT - should be launched, otherwise the emulator will not work).
Note: for this will be required about 30 seconds.
Then, check the network connection, you should see the network connection USB.
2. Install the .NET 4 (do not skip this step - loader does not work if it is not installed).
Note: ShiChuang XP NET Framework 2 and 4 must be set
3. Install the Java Runtime (do not skip this step - loader does not work if it is not installed).
4. Install pacheny Ediabas 7.3.
5. Copy the boot loader for your desktop.
How to use a K + DCAN
First, set your K + DCAN cable and configure COM-port (the default port number for propachenogo EDIABAS is COM9).
1. Disable the firewall and disable Wi-Fi.
2. Connect the K + DCAN cable and connect the cable to the machine.
3. Run the loader
4. Click "Start, K + DCAN ICOM button emulation" once. Then wait until a prompt appears for the emulator.
5. Press BMW or Mini brand. Now nachnetsa ISTA / P run.
6. Select the K + DCAN in connection manager.
Note: when ISTA / P asks ignition on / off programming Kl15 use controls located in the notification area on the taskbar (right-click on the ISTA / P notification icon). Default value: "ON". During operation programa requests to turn off / on the car ignition.
How to close the ISTA / P ????
Close / P window ISTA. The boot loader then safely turn off everything. You can also use the power button on the notification icon ISTA / P.

BMW ISPI NEXT 3.47.10 + ISTAP 54.3.002 + Loader V2.0 for (K/DCAN) + Clone HDD

BMW ISPI NEXT 3.47.10 + ISTAP 54.3.002 + Loader V2.0 for (K/DCAN) + Clone HDD

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