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JetBrains RubyMine 7.0.1 Build 139.631 Final
JetBrains RubyMine 7.0.1 Build 139.631 Final | 172.80 MB

JetBrains RubyMine - the program is a full-featured development environment for creating applications based on popular technologies Ruby and Ruby on Rails. The product has the potential to develop web-based application environment IntelliJ IDEA and includes unique new tools for creating web-based projects platforms Ruby and Rails. Wednesday RubyMine provides effective tools for the development of appropriate linguistic features of Ruby platform and responsive to the dynamic nature of the language and made it standard operating procedures.
Wednesday RubyMine allows you to perform a comprehensive analysis of project code, offering developers a consolidated overview of the code and unique auto-complete language constructs. RubyMine product offers a set of algorithms refactoring with the features of the platform Rails, which greatly facilitates the editing of code and speed up the process of product development. Environment includes the possibility of a convenient conversion code HTML, CSS and javascript.

Key features:
- The code editor with syntax highlighting, function avtodopoleneniya
- Analysis of the code on the fly with the possibility of instant correction
- Quick navigation on the elements of the project and code elements
- Charts models, classes, packages (gems)
- Step by step debugger Ruby-code with the possibility of issuing breakpoints and trace
- Support for test frameworks RSpec, Cucumber, Shoulda, MiniTest, Test :: Unit with user friendly graphical interface
- Support for Ruby language versions from 1.8.6 to 2.x
- Support for Ruby-such tools as bundler, RVM, rbenv, pik, etc.
- Support Rails web framework versions from 2.x to 4.x, as well as web framework Sinatra
- Full support for languages HTML / HAML, CSS / Sass / Less, javascript / CoffeeScript
- Support toolkit Emmet
- The debugger code javascript / CoffeeScript based on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome
- Integration with version control systems Git, Subversion, Mercurial, Perforce, CVS with user friendly graphical interface
- Change to compare the versions, both within the supported VCS, and as part of local history IDE
- Light and dark color schemes with the individual settings
- Built-in schemes shortcuts based schemes Textmate, NetBeans, Eclipse, Emacs, Vi / Vim

Important improvements in RubyMine 7:

built-in SSH-console and the local command line, run from the IDE;
general improvement in the analysis of the code;
integration with Zeus;
improvements in the graphical debugger Ruby-code debugger and support of heme with parallel debugging multiple processes;
adjustable delay automatic startup tests.

Integration with Chef

Chef configuration management system is now supported by a separate plug-in is compatible with RubyMine 7 and IntelliJ IDEA 14 and allows you to identify and create books, recipes and resources in the IDE.

If installed Chef gem and open the project that contains a folder with the catalog recipes c ruby-file inside, when you open this file RubyMine automatically recognizes it as the recipe and proposes to add the appropriate directory as a book.

The structure of the project can be changed at any time in the settings (Settings | Project Structure). Once completed the settings in the file becomes available recipes code completion for resources and for their attributes.

Language Support Puppet

Language support in Puppet IDE also carried out by a separate plug-in is compatible with RubyMine 7 and IntelliJ IDEA 14, which has been greatly improved and sharpened to work with Puppet-manifestos. First of all, we have improved navigation mechanism as manifestos may contain a large number of resource definitions, classes, components, variables, and so on. E., That need to be correctly processed.

Navigation is carried out not only among the manifestos created by, but also on the modules installed from the Puppet Forge. Note, however, that the used modules must be located in the default directory or the directory specified in the configuration file puppet.conf. The plugin also sells traditional for our IDE features such as code completion, refactoring, inspection, search use, fast documentation, code formatting, and so on. D. - Taking into account the structure of the project and installed modules:

New opportunities for code style settings

In RubyMine 7 has added support for the format EditorConfig, which allows you to use the same code style settings in different projects and different editors. Formatting rules are described in the configuration file editorconfig, which when added to the root of the project rules are automatically recognized and applied. Please note that formatting rules described in .editorconfig, the default settings have priority over the IDE. Switch off in the settings EditorConfig Editor | Code Style.

In addition, the formatting options (Editor | Code Style) there was an option Detect and use existing file indents for editing, which allows the editor to define and use the current settings in the file format. Thus, even if the code style settings (such as the Use Tab Character and Indent Size) in editable file settings differ from IDE, they will be saved.

improved debugger

When you run the project in debug mode is now available interactive console, which allows you to execute commands directly in the IDE using the including code completion functions.

When you run the test in debug mode interactive console is available as a separate tab. In addition, the RubyMine 7 adds a new handy feature debugger now object values are displayed directly in the editor beside the code.

More intelligent code analysis

Thanks to the ideas and comments from our customers we have been able to analyze the code in the new version of the IDE even smarter. Now as attributes of the method correctly recognized as attributes and methods YARD RDoc:

Support RVM as a remote SDK project

Remote Ruby interpreter running RVM can now be added as a SDK project. In addition, we have improved and SDK support for remote file-based configuration vagrant.


By using the Scratch Files can now be experimenting and prototyping code directly in the editor, without creating new files in the project. By shortcut Shift-Cmd-N / Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Insert, you can create a temporary file by selecting the desired file type. All the features, such as code completion and inspection, are available Scratch-files:

And much more .

RubyMine 7 also inherited from WebStorm 9 a number of improvements for web development, including a preview for Emmet, support for the latest versions of CSS3, Stylus and Sass, reformatting code to Slim and HAML, support and ReactJS JSX / ES6 and others

Operating System: ShiChuang XP / Vista / Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 8.1
Language: English

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