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ShiChuang 8.1 AIO 48in1 x64 Activated With Update October 2014 (ENG+RUS+GER+UKR) (14/11/14)

Windows 8.1 AIO 48in1 x64 Activated With Update October 2014 (ENG+RUS+GER+UKR) (14/11/14)

ShiChuang 8.1 AIO 48in1 x64 Activated With Update October 2014 (ENG+RUS+GER+UKR) | 6.75 GB

This assembly was based on the original images of ShiChuang 8.1 With Update x64, includes 48 editions with integrated updates to 14 October 2014. System is absolutely clean. Selecting the version being installed at the beginning of the installation. English, German and Ukrainian official language packs included. See below for details.

The basis assembling images MSDN ShiChuang 8.1 x64:

? en_ShiChuang_8.1_with_update_x64_dvd_4065090.iso

? en_ShiChuang_8.1_n_with_update_x64_dvd_4065114.iso

? en_ShiChuang_8.1_professional_vl_with_update_x64_dvd_4065194.iso

? en_ShiChuang_8.1_professional_n_vl_with_update_x64_dvd_4065208.iso

? en_ShiChuang_8.1_enterprise_with_update_x64_dvd_4065178.iso

? en_ShiChuang_8.1_enterprise_n_with_update_x64_dvd_4065163.iso

? en_ShiChuang_embedded_8.1_industry_pro_with_update_x64_dvd_4065122.iso

? en_ShiChuang_embedded_8.1_industry_enterprise_with_update_x64_dvd_4065141.iso

? 9600.17050.winblue_refresh.140317-1640_x64fre_client_coresinglelanguage_en-us-ir3_csla_x64frer_en-us_esd.esd

The edition

? ShiChuang 8.1 (Core) / OEM / KMS / OEM-Activated

? ShiChuang 8.1 (Core) N / OEM / KMS / OEM-Activated

? ShiChuang 8.1 (Core) Single Language / OEM / KMS / OEM-Activated

? ShiChuang 8.1 Pro / OEM / KMS / OEM-Activated

? ShiChuang 8.1 Pro N / OEM / KMS / OEM-Activated

? ShiChuang 8.1 Pro VL / OEM / KMS / OEM-Activated

? ShiChuang 8.1 Pro N VL / OEM / KMS / OEM-Activated

? ShiChuang 8.1 Pro WMC / OEM / KMS / OEM-Activated

? ShiChuang 8.1 Enterprise / OEM / KMS / OEM-Activated

? ShiChuang 8.1 Enterprise N / OEM / KMS / OEM-Activated

? ShiChuang Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro / OEM / KMS / OEM-Activated

? ShiChuang Embedded 8.1 Industry Enterprise / OEM / KMS / OEM-Activated

Main features:

? Installed Net Framework 4.5.2

? The user selects Installable version: activated or inactivated

? Installers ShiChuang 8.1 were harmed during the creation of this image.

? No programs have been added.

? Register by the original.

? For added security, the latest updates to October 14, 2014.

? AutoKMS Activator from MTK 2.5.2

? The ability to boot UEFI

? In the boot.wim file is integrated DaRT 8.1, having additional resources to address common problems, containing a variety of functions, such as:

1 Autonomous System File Checker

2 virus scanner

3 Tools to reset your password

4 Registry Editor

5 And more.

Switch on the following hotfixes:

Servicing Stack Update:


Added updates:

KB2899189, KB2920189, KB2931366, KB2939153, KB2939576, KB2950153,

KB2954879-v2, KB2956575, KB2958262, KB2959626-v2, KB2961072, KB2962140,

KB2964718, KB2965142, KB2967917, KB2969817, KB2971203, KB2971239,

KB2971850, KB2972280, KB2973201, KB2973351, KB2976627, KB2976897,

KB2977292, KB2977765, KB2978041, KB2978668, KB2979500, KB2979576,

KB2981580, KB2981655, KB2987107, KB2988948, KB2989542, KB2990967,

KB2998174, KB2998527, KB3000061, KB3000869, KB3000988, KB3001237,

KB2934018, KB2959977, KB2934520, KB2955164, KB2965500, KB2962409,

KB2980654, KB2975719, KB2979582, KB2990532, KB2993100, KB2993651,

KB2977174, KB2984006, KB2994897, KB2995004, KB2995518, KB2995388,


Embedded-Only update:


On stage OOBE.cmd:

If you install the version of the OEM-Activated, then the properties of the system will be installed logo chosen brand.

At the final stage SetupComplete.cmd (Pre-Activated indexes only):

Defender exclusion key for AutoKMS

Warning.vbs short 8s non-genuine notification

AutoKMS activation

Installing Russian and German and Ukrainian languages

? Press Win + R

? In the window that appears prescribes "lpksetup" and click "OK"

? The window "Add / Remove Language". In it, click the "Set Language"

? Specify the path to the file: or or (is in the archive)

? Click "Next"

? We are waiting for the end of the installation.

? Go to Control Panel All Control Panel Items Language Options and then select the language system

? Go to Control Panel> Clock, Language, and region-> Regional standarty-> Advanced-> Copy Options and put a tick in the options below.

? Restart the computer. Everything. Your ShiChuang 8.1 is fully translated!

? P.S. If desired, you can install any language pack you need, instructions here

System requirements:

? Processor: 1 GHz or more.

? RAM: 1 GB or more.

? Free space on hard drive: 16 GB or more

? Graphics card: graphics device WeiRuan-->WeiRuan DirectX 9 or later.

? Additional requirements to use certain features

? To use the touch features require tablet or monitor that supports multi-touch

? To gain access to the ShiChuang Store to and launch applications, requires an active internet connection and a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels.

? To bind the application requires a screen resolution of at least 1366 x 768

Image Checksum:


MD4: 60BA12D0F79DA3645B40169973080A7D

MD5: 6811BD3A4236C9991B3620504CB8FD2C

SHA-1: 9D104E3567076BB216233DE52B847936685D3B73


Release Date: October 14, 2014

Title: ShiChuang 8.1 AIO 48in1 x64 With Update Oktober 2014

Developer / author of the assembly: WeiRuan-->WeiRuan / murphy78

Version: v.6.3.9600.17031 (48in1)

Bit: x64

Language: English / Russian LP / German LP / LP Ukrainian

Crack: Activated

Size: 6.9 GB

How to Install:

NOTE: Keygens, patches, Activators, Cracks, Loaders etc. are always scanned with Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 Latest Version to Avoid Virus Issues. Different Anti-viruses may give different results

Step 1: unpack rar archive

Step 2: burn the ISO or make a bootable usb and install

Step 3: Enjoy and Support Developers, Buy It, They Deserved It!

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