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EMSS FEKO 7 x64 (11/11/14)

EMSS FEKO 7 x64 (11/11/14)

EMSS FEKO 7 x64 | 867 MB

FEKO is a comprehensive electromagnetic simulation software tool, based on state of the art computational electromagnetics (CEM) techniques. It enables users to solve a wide range of electromagnetic problems.

The multiple solution techniques available within FEKO make it applicable to a wide range of problems for a large array of industries. Typical applications include:

Antennas: analysis of horns, microstrip patches, wire antennas, reflector antennas, conformal antennas, broadband antennas, arrays
Antenna placement: analysis of antenna radiation patterns, radiation hazard zones, etc. with an antenna placed on a large structure, e.g. ship, aircraft, armoured car
EMC: analysis of diverse EMC problems including shielding effectiveness of an enclosure, cable coupling analysis in complex environments, e.g. wiring in a car, radiation hazard analysis
Bioelectromagnetics: analysis of homogeneous or non-homogeneous bodies, SAR extraction
RF components: analysis of waveguide structures, e.g. filter, slotted antennas, directional couplers
3D EM circuits: analysis of microstrip filters, couplers, inductors, etc.
Radomes: analysis of multiple dielectric layers in a large structure
Scattering problems: RCS analysis of large and small structures

GUI Features
Large array of primitives for model creation (e.g. helix, cone, wire, paraboloid, hyperboloid, bezier curves)
Importation of externally computed lists of points for creation of lines, polygons, etc.
Tree based access to simulation elements (settings, materials, grids, results, etc.)
Selection, zooming, 3D mouse-only based handling, etc.
Full solver control via GUI
Time domain results processing.

Voltage or current source at a port
Port definitions at wires, edges, waveguide aperture or stripline
Plane wave
Magnetic point source
Electric point source
Point source with specified radiation pattern
Impressed line currents
Near field aperture
Spherical modes


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