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Wavesfactory - Tea Towel Drum [KONTAKT]
Wavesfactory - Tea Towel Drum [KONTAKT] | 2.4 GB

In the late 60?s and early 70?s, The Beatles tried to innovate the sound of drums covering the heads of the snare and toms with tea towels to damp the sound. This technique became very popular but has lost over the years. Now that kind of sound evokes that time, and you can have it on your computer for much less than you think.

This drum kit has been recorded with 8 mics:

?Bass Drum
?Snare Drum Top
?Snare Drum Bottom
?Rack Tom
?Floor Tom
?Overhead 1
?Overhead 2

It has 6 repetitions (round robin) and 6 velocities (from soft to strong), but the most important is that on every mic you have the real and natural bleeding of the other parts of the drum. As you can hear on the audio demos, through the mics you can hear exactly what is recorded in a real studio situation. In other words, when you play a key (snare hit, for example), the sound becomes from each of the 8 mics, so there抯 8 files playing. Is like having recorded the drum yourself!

With our custom script you can control the volume, pan and tune of each mic like it was recorded in you own computer or
studio. It抯 exciting to play and hear it!

Tech info :

?WAV files 44.1 Khz 24 bits
?6 velocities
?6 round robin (aka repetitions)
?Class A preamps and mics
?High quality vintage drum kit
?Custom script
?Real mix mode
?Full bleeding, full control
?Natural sounding
?Lite patch
?V-Drum ready
?5,132 samples
?8?7 Gb installed ?2? Gb .zip download
?For Kontakt 3.5 or superior
?Full version of Kontakt needed, the Free Kontakt Player will run in demo mode
?Special birthday offer


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