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Cornerstone 2.7.14

Cornerstone 2.7.14 | MacOSX | 70 MB

Cornerstone is a version control app built on Subversion that makes serious version control easier than ever. With full support for all of Subversion's rich features, it's both incredibly powerful and super-easy to use.
* Streamlined workflow for previewing your changes before committing them.
* Super-helpful checklist and preview take the guesswork out of Merging.
* Class-leading text comparison and editing so you'll never miss a change.
* Ingenious annotations that tell you the Who? Why? and When? of every piece of your files.
* Log and Timeline views make navigating your project's history a breeze.
* Zero configuration: everything you need is included in the app.

* Create new repositories or connect to existing ones
* Organize repositories in source lists
* Option-drag to create tags and branches
* Drag from Finder to import

Working Copies:
* Organize working copies in source list
* Add existing working copies by dragging from Finder
* Change summary (including available repository updates), top folder status and activity shown in source list
* Displays local and remote file status
* Quick Look working copy files
* Powerful filtering by modification and lock status as well as by file name
* Configure which application to open files with by type and by file
* Inspect and modify Subversion properties
* Full support for sparse working copies with folder depth extension and reduction

Integrated Compare View:
* Compare text and images
* Syntax coloring for C/C++, CSS, HTML, javascript, Objective-C, PHP, Ruby and many more
* Most image formats supported including PNG, JPEG, GIF and PSD
* Highlights intraline differences
* Edit working versions by rejecting/restoring individual changes

Commit View:
* Include and exclude files
* Commit changes to folder properties without including nested files
* Compare files without leaving commit view

Branching and Merging:
* Dedicated View for tagging and branching
* Merge support for Synchronization, Reintegration, Cherry Picking and Advanced strategies.
* Merge preview and checklist to reduce risk of conflicts

Log View:
* Displays history as list of revisions grouped by date
* Filter by text, change type or age
* Integrated compare view

* Seamless integration of blame information into the compare view
* Color-coded author display
* Legend window with detailed statistics and timeline
* Navigate through a file's constituent revisions

Timeline View:
* Compact horizontal timeline
* Compare history for multiple items
* Powerful set of filters
* Branch points are clearly marked and can be expanded and collapsed

Transcript View:
* Describes all activities performed in working copy or repository
* Detailed progress information for lengthy operations
* Saved to disk between application sessions

Externals Editor:
* List view displays definitions as simple list
* Filter for definitions referencing HEAD or a specific revision
* Property text can also be edited directly in text view

Full Documentation:
* Full application documentation in Apple Help Book format
* Describes best-practice workflows for working with Subversion

What's New in Version 2.7.14
* Cornerstone cannot open versioned directories contained within unversioned directories that themselves are contained in working copies.

Requirements - MacOSX 10.6.6 or Later
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