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AIME System Forex Trading Course

AIME System FOREX  Trading Course

AIME System Forex Trading Course | 4.22 GB

In a nutshell, AIME helps you go about your trading systematically. Actually, it almost forces you to. Thank goodness! Because a lack of discipline is what kills most traders. Eliminate THAT problem, and you're well on your way to trading success.

Over the years, I finally figured out that we (or at least I) basically do three things:

Look at pictures
Draw pictures
Some very simple math

Of course, understanding what the pictures tell you and how to draw them is what takes time. As for the math, well, it's really just basic addition and subtraction (and AIME eliminates most of it).

Now, there are people out there who'll make trading out to be a whole lot more; you know, "complicate" things. And when you listen to them explain what they do and how they do it, there's a pretty good chance your head will start spinning - especially if you're new to this business.
That's fine. Whatever works for them is great and there's always more than one way to skin a frog. I'm just saying, at a basic level, "looking at pictures, drawing pictures, and simple math" is what I do - and now lots of others do, too. I have to admit, for me, breaking things down to their most simple form is what works best.
A Method to the Madness

Prior to every trading session and for each and every trade, there's a sequence you should follow. If not, then you're "shooting from the hip," and probably spend a lot of time hoping you hit your targets - and if you're praying instead of hoping, well, you might want to re-think that strategy, too ;- ) Call me "crazy," but there's a much better way to trade (just a thought ;- )

Here's the AIME trading routine:

A - Assess the market

I - Identify opportunities

M - Manage the trade

E - Evaluate the trade

With each of the above steps, there's a specific tool (or tools) we use. I'll share those in a minute but for now just know a specific routine is far superior to trading "on the fly."


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