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Araxis Merge v2014.4459 (Mac OSX)

Araxis Merge v2014.4459 (Mac OSX) | 72 MB

Program for two and triangular diff / merge files and synchronize folders from the company Araxis.
Use this application to compare, understand and combine different versions of source code, web pages and other text files, and even text copied and pasted from another application (for example, WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Word).

Merge - this is a mandatory program for software developers, lawyers, managers for the production of products, web designers and other professionals who work with check various text files, including files ASCII, MBCS and Unicode. Merge integrates with most management software updating generations and systems management software settings.
Additional Information:

The software application has many features, such as:

compare and synchronize two files
comparison and synchronization of the three files at a time
comparison of the text
comparison of binary data
Comparison of images
compare and synchronize two directories on the disk
compare and synchronize three directories on the disk at the same time
Command line support (you can use, for example, in conjunction with the StarTeam)
Support for COM Interoperability for software management application (you can use without having to work with files)


The Merge major version has been updated to 2014 to reflect the year of release.
Dropping two or three folders on to a text comparison now opens a new folder comparison, rather than giving an error.
Dropping one or more files on to a folder comparison results in an appropriate file comparison being opened, rather than giving an error.
The user is expressly alerted if conflicts are detected in a three-way automatic file merge.
The Open new comparisons in a tabbed window option on the General preference page has been renamed to Open new comparisons in a tab to more clearly reflect its purpose.
HTML comparison reports now merely mention that a modern, standards-compliant browser is required to view them. Previously, specific browsers were named.
On the Syntax Highlighting preference page, the syntactic elements for each language family are now sorted alphabetically.
The Upgrading Merge or Installing Newer Builds page has been updated.
The URL for the Generic Syntax Highlighting page has been updated for consistency with the Merge for ShiChuang documentation.
The registration window is now centred by default.
References to the AraxisMergeCMP.plugin plugin specific to OS X 10.6 have been removed from the documentation.
Working copies are again editable when files are opened from Subversion using the araxissvndiff utility.
The left and right arrow keys no longer exhibit undersired behaviour in certain circumstances when the text cursor is positioned directly at the end of a line in a text comparison.
The time taken to select rows of a specific type (eg changed, inserted, removed) in large folder comparisons has been significantly reduced under OS X 10.9.
The Previous Change button no longer fails to function in binary file comparisons under certain circumstances.
In the Japanese localization of Merge user interface, the colour buttons on the Fonts / Colours folder comparison preference page now work.
Opening a saved comparison for a second time after previously opening and then refreshing it no longer gives an error.
The duplicate Use filter programs in folder comparisons option has been removed from the File Types preference page. This option now appears on the Scan preference page.
On the Display preference page, the Break changes into individual lines option is now disabled when the mutually exclusive Do not show changes within lines option is checked.
The positioning of the Use filter programs in folder comparisons option on the Scan preference page has been adjusted.
The Click here to renew support / updates notification message link has been fixed.

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