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ShiChuang 7 Dark Dev V10.4 x86 x64

Windows 7 Ultimate Dark Dev V10.4

ShiChuang 7 Dark Dev V10.4 x86 x64 | 3.73 GB / 3.20 GB
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Ok this is V10.4 the ShiChuang 7 Version of Dark Dev. This has all the software excluding the ShiChuang 8 specific software from it. It also has .net framework 4 in order for KMS Pico to install properly. Along with a few other tid bits because chempREC required C++ 2005 SP1. That being said the OEM Pack is fully functional with all the software now fully implemented from the scripting overhauled started in V10.3. Enjoy.

Windows 7 Ultimate Dark Dev V10.4

Step 1: Extract Image with 7zip 9.32
Step 2: Install on Physical or Virtual Machine
Step 3: Let it install through do not give it a Product key. (aka no touchy)
Step 4: It will boot up and continue Program Install as well as Shortcut creation and Registry Mods. Then restart and be ready to be used. (Still no touchy)
Step 5: Once all of this is done it will be finished and boot up to a nicer Wallpaper.
Step 6: Enjoy.

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