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Sony Vegas Pro v 13.0.310 x64/Plugins Pack MADCATS

Sony Vegas Pro v 13.0.310 x64Plugins Pack MADCATS

Sony Vegas Pro v 13.0.310 x64/Plugins Pack MADCATS | 1.5 GB

Sony Vegas Pro 13 Edit delivers pure Vegas Pro core technology in a cost-effective package. New features include advanced archival tools, new audio metering options, and full synchronization with the Vegas Pro Connect mobile iPad companion app. Vegas Pro 13 Edit offers more formats, more workflows, and more creative control than ever before...


VASST.CinemaLooks Vol 1 - 13
With the CinemaLooks FASST APP for Sony Movie Studio, you can create professional-quality looks, emulate famous Hollywood movies or television shows, and make your videos feel fantastic! CinemaLooks make your videos look like you have a big budget color expert on your side. Just choose the look you like, and apply it to single events, multiple events, or entire tracks with just a single click!

Imagine doing a rough cut without having to ripple; experiencing absolute freedom until the end of the logging and editing process. Or being able to create hundreds of transitions matched for time or event length, and even adjusting all transition lengths with one click! The VASST EventTool empowers editors with these features and many more!

Whether you need to render one selection on your timeline into four different video formats, or you want to render each region in your current project separately, RenderAssistant will do the work for you so you can walk away while the renders complete. RenderAssistant includes batch rendering capabilities for timeline selections, regions, and even each marker. Create, edit, and save your commonly used output formats. Select the render formats you want from the customizable drop down list, choose a save-to location, and click Start Render. It's that easy!

StillMotion brings one-click speed to creating slideshows with motion. No more tedious right-clicks, setting pan/crop keyframes, or re-focusing tools. StillMotion empowers you to easily batch create deep-moving presentations. Process thousands of images with crossfades, long pans/scans, and push/pulls. Create the very famous "Ken Burns" PBS- style motion in seconds!
Select desired images, choose the desired motion and length of image, and enjoy the ridiculously fast and professional result. This tool is powerful for any wedding editor, sports editor, family/hobby editor, broadcaster, or anyone who wants to make amazing slideshows fasst! StillMotion is the quick, confident, and creative tool for creating stunning slideshows and video montages.

Stutterframe grabs frames within a selected area and re-sequences them for a "jump forward-look back" effect that is very popular in television and film today. Manually creating this look is a painstaking process that involves working with one frame at a time. With StutterFrame, it's a one-click effect that enables users to be creative and efficient at the same time.
The StutterFrame FASST App gives you:
One-click creativity
Fast action movement for videos, graphics, or photos
User definable settings

TimeWarp eliminates time-consuming right-clicks, mistakes in resample settings, mixed speeds, and other often-made errors when creating slow or fast motion sequences.
Precise input is available via numerical or slider controls, which allows for a hassle-free/worry-free method to create time-shifted effects. Choose a clip or event, select the preferred settings in TimeWarp, and you're done. *TimeWarp uses Vegas Pro's timestretch for slow motion up to 4x and then uses our "warp" to go from 4x to up to 10,000x.

VASST.TitleStrip Vol 1 - 4
TitleStrips are the fastest and easiest way to apply graphics and text to your Vegas Pro and Movie Studio Platinum projects. Easily add Lower Thirds, Graphical Overlays, or Full Screen Overlays to any video project. You can also add and position text anywhere in the frame. Each TitleStrip includes a collection of graphics you can start using right away! Collect all TitleStrip volumes for a FASST-access library of high-end lower thirds and graphics.TitleStrip Variety Pack 1 includes over a dozen lower thirds with a variety of designs and colors. Many of these graphics include motion. Check out the content preview images to see each TitleStrip in action.

Lower the volume of background music or effects to make room for dialog, without scrolling down the timeline. Let VoiceAssistant do it all for you. Select which track has dialog/speech and which track has music or FX. With just one click, your music volume will be lowered and the words can be heard.


Sony Vegas Pro v 13.0.310 x64Plugins Pack MADCATS
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