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Fedora 17 (i386/x86/64)

Fedora 17 (i386/x86/64) | 7.57 GB

Announced the release of Fedora 17. This release of Fedora includes many features such as user-visible and hidden. For GNOME 3.4 introduced many improvements, including new search capabilities, improved treatment of the topic and improved documentation and communication applications. The new application, GNOME-boxes, providing easy access to virtual machines. In addition to the GIMP 2.8 made ??new improvements, such as single-windowed mode, layer groups, etc.

The distribution includes two DVD and two CD-netinstall.

Title: Fedora
Version: 17
The latest version of the program: 17
Official site:
Architecture: i386 + x86-64
Type of drive: DVD, CD
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Tags: Fedora

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