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Matlab R2013a v8.01 (X86 - X64) Final Edition - TUQS
Matlab R2013a v8.01 (X86 - X64) Final Edition | 5.68 GB

MATLAB Product Family Highlights
-MATLAB: Raspberry Pi and Webcam hardware support packages
-Optimization Toolbox: Mixed-integer linear programming (MILP) solver
-Statistics Toolbox: Repeated measures modeling for data with multiple measurements per subject
-Image Processing Toolbox: C quote generation for 25 functions with MATLAB® Coder™, and GPU acceleration for 5 functions
-Econometrics Toolbox: State space models, self-calibrating Kalman filter with missing data and performance enhancements for ARIMA/GARCH models
-Financial Instruments Toolbox: Dual curve construction, functions to compute credit exposure and exposure profile, and Black's model pricing of caps, floors, and swaptions
-SimBiology: Unified functions for model estimation and desktop enhancements for model exploration
-System Identification Toolbox: Recursive Least Squares Estimator and online model parameter estimation blocks
-MATLAB Production Server: Secure communication between client and server, and dynamic request creation

Simulink Product Family Highlights
-Simulink: Data dictionary for defining and managing design data associated with models
-Simulink: Single-model workflow for algorithm partitioning and targeting of multicore processors and FPGAs
-Simulink: Built-in support for LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3, Arduino® Due, and Samsung Galaxy Android™ devices
-Stateflow: Context-sensitive tab completion in Stateflow® charts
-Simulink Real-Time: Instrument panels, high resolution target display, and FlexRay protocol support, and combines functionality of xPC Target™ and xPC Target Embedded Option™
-SimMechanics: STEP file import and total constraint force calculation for joints
-Simulink Report Generator: Object Inspector and Informer for rich information display in Simulink® web views

System Toolboxes for Design in MATLAB and Simulink
-Computer Vision System Toolbox: Stereo vision and optical character recognition (OCR) functions
-LTE System Toolbox: A new product for simulating the physical layer of LTE and LTE-Advanced wireless communications systems

Code Generation and Implementation
-Embedded Coder: Merge changes from AUTOSAR tools into Simulink models
-Embedded Coder: ARM Cortex-A optimized quote generation using Ne10 library
-HDL Coder: Enumeration data type support and clock-frequency-driven automatic pipelining
-HDL Verifier: FPGA-in-the-loop over JTAG for Altera® hardware

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Matlab R2013a v8.01 (X86 - X64) Final Edition - TUQS

Matlab R2013a v8.01 (X86 - X64) Final Edition - TUQS

Matlab R2013a v8.01 (X86 - X64) Final Edition - TUQS

Matlab R2013a v8.01 (X86 - X64) Final Edition - TUQS

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