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ACT Extentions v15.0 Build 020514
ACT Extentions v15.0 Build 020514 | 186 MB

Updated version (last update 02.05.2014) special software that you can integrate with ANSYS Workbench to have it do things that aren’t built in to the current menus.

To access the currently available extensions, you must have a login to the ANSYS Customer Portal and be current on maintenance (TECS). Within the customer portal, the Extensions are available by clicking on Downloads > Extension Library; then click on ACT Library.

Once you have downloaded the desired extension, you’ll need to install it. For use in the current project, you click on Extensions at the menu near the top of the Workbench Window and click on Install Extension.

ACT Extentions 15.0, last update 02-May-2014:
- ACT Templates_R150_v1
Templates for educational purpose; cover most common ACT-based development needs
- Acoustics Extension R150_v43
Expose 3D acoustics solver capabilities
- Convection Extension_R150_v4
Expose convection with pilot node capability in steady-state and transient thermal analyses
- Coupled Diffusion_R150_v3
Introduce coupled diffusion analysis (structural diffusion, thermal diffusion, and structural thermal diffusion) in both static and full transient analysis
- Coupled Field Physics Extension_R150_v2
Expose piezoelectric, thermal-piezoelectric and thermal-structural solver capabilities
- DDAM_R150_v2
Expose the Dynamic Design Analysis Method (DDAM) in Mechanical interface
- Design Modeler Utility_R150_v2
Expose some useful functions in DM interface
- Distributed Mass_R150_v2
Add distributed mass (rather than a point mass) to a surface as either “total mass” or “mass per unit area”
- Enforced Motion_R150_v3
In Mode-Superposition Harmonic and Transient Analyses, allows applying base excitation (displacement or acceleration). Excitation can be either constant or frequency/time dependent
- FE Info Extension_R150_v9
Expose node and element related information
- FSI_Transient_Load_Mapping_R150_v4
Map temperature and pressure loads (from a CFD calculation) to a multi-step Mechanical analysis for transient one-way FSI. Includes CFD-Post macros
- Follower Loads Extension_R150_v2
Create follower forces and moments to follow geometric deformation
- Frequency_Dependent_Damping_R150_v1
Allows defining material structural frequency-dependent damping coefficient in FULL harmonic analyses (only)
- HotKeys_R150_v1
Expose additional graphics action Hotkeys in Mechanical (and Meshing) application for quick access to some common tasks
- Hydrostatic Fluid_R150_v5
Expose hydrostatic fluid elements in Mechanical
- MATLAB_Optimizers_for_DX_R150_v1
Expose MATLAB optimization algorithms and user programs in the Optimization component of ANSYS DesignXplorer
- MatChange_R150_v2
Change material ID to user specified value for the selected bodies
- Moving_Heat_Flux_R150_v2
Facilitate the definition of a moving heat flux source in Workbench Mechanical
- NLDIAG_R150_v1
Expose the nonlinear diagnostics (NLDIAG) functionality in Mechanical to identify or display the highly distorted elements
- Non Linear Spring_R150_v1
Allows defining nonlinear springs in ANSYS Mechanical with a generalized force-deflection capability
- Offshore_R150_v4
Expose the MAPDL offshore features in Mechanical
- Piezo Extension_R150_v8
Expose piezo-electric solver capabilities
- UPF Extension_R150_v1
Allow for the use of User Programmable Features (UPF) within Workbench
- Windload_R150_v1
Create pressure loading (constant or gradient) due to wind speed in Mechanical
- Workbench LS-DYNA_R150_v1
Fully integrated access to ANSYS LS-DYNA with all the power of Workbench through the Mechanical GUI for Release 15.0

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