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RawDigger is a program, analysis, and visualization RAW files, as they were recorded by the camera. RawDigger does not change the RAW data, it is not a RAW Converter. Instead, the program allows you to see the RAW data in the form in which sees them RAW Converter. RawDigger works with files from almost all cameras, recording a RAW format. Support for new cameras usually added in the weeks after samples become available files of these cameras.

RawDigger to the photographer:
RawDigger histogram shows the real RAW files that are very different from histograms on the camera screen and histograms displayed by most RAW-converters.
The indicator of overexposure (Overexposure, OE) shows which areas of the image really is overexposed. Mode channel-by-channel viewing RAW overexposure is indicated for the channel being viewed.
RawDigger allows to determine the calibration chamber (and any other) exposure control: to compare the results of measurement and the corresponding RAW values, determine the "stock in the lights." Knowing the calibration of the meter you will be able to expose optimally.
If you use ETTR, RawDigger will allow to compare the RAW histogram and chamber of the histogram, which will give opportunity "to press the histogram right" chamber using a histogram without the risk of overexposure.
RawDigger allows you to find out at what level in the RAW file, the camera begins to show the area of overexposure (flashing area) and any stock in the lights actually remains.
You can determine at what level in the shadows they start to look unacceptably (noisy, colorless, with insufficient resolution), set the appropriate level indication to tell the program (EU) and then quickly analyze captured on underexposure.
RawDigger useful for determining the relative under channels depending on the lighting.
RawDigger more precisely any exposure control when determining uniform filling of lighting and lighting reproduction. Using RawDigger you can define and uneven illumination, and the uneven color balance.
Studio photographers RawDigger will help to set the correct filters on light sources, to get the most pure shadow (due to reduction of non-uniformity of the exposition channels).
Landscape photographers can use RawDigger to determine the effect of filters on the picture to check neutrality polarization and neutral density filters and to select the compensation and correction filters that are required for optimal display of channels when available light.
RawDigger can be used for determining the amount of vignetting in the system lens sensor.
RawDigger helps to define the features of the camera and RAW Converter, providing access to the original unmodified RAW data that can be compared with the results of the conversion.

Additional features RawDigger:

RAW data export in TIFF format.
Display and save the histogram of the RAW data for the whole file, and for an arbitrary rectangular region. The histogram can be saved as graphically and in tabular form for further processing.
Calculation of channel-by-channel statistics (minimum, maximum, average, standard deviation) for the whole file, and for an arbitrary rectangular region.
Saving the statistics in a convenient for further processing (CSV, CGATS) - for any number of rectangular regions in the image.
Preserving tonal curves RAW in the form of a table (for those cameras that use tone curves).

RawDigger is licensed in several versions. Here is presented the most functional Profiles Edition, designed for users who create calibration data sensors, the linearizer table, or preparing the data for the construction of color profiles. In addition to Research opportunities Edition, this version supports nets selection grids) and can do additional processing the exported data: white balance, normalization, data alignment according to the flat field (Flat Field equalization) and filtering of extreme values in the data.

Changes in version 1.0.8:
In window titles statistics have additional indication
[M] in the title bar of statistics of the entire image - enabled Masked Pixels
[F] the window caption statistics sample - enabled filtering of statistics (droping extrema)
If you read RAW files were errors in the data, then this file is not rejected, and a warning is issued and the file is displayed.
New keyboard macros (old has)
Ctrl-1 (Mac-Cmd-1) - 100% zoom
Ctrl-0 (Cmd-0) - Fit-this is the windows
New option (Windows only): Misc Options - Faster, close the Program, accelerates the completion of the program.

Updated Libraw:
the new code to align the field in chambers PhaseOne
improved support files sRAW Canon 1D-X
support for new cameras:
Canon A550, G1 X Mark II, SD950, EOS 1200D
Leica T (Type 701)
Nikon 1V3, Coolpox P340
Panasonic GH4
Samsung NX30, NX mini
Sony ILCE-3000, ILCE-6000, ILCA-77M2 (A77-II)

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