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Hollow Sun Interference Generator KONTAKT.SCD-BYS
Hollow Sun Interference Generator KONTAKT.SCD-BYS | 52.14 MB

How times have changed!

We used to spend so much time wrestling with noise and hum and interference when trying to record our tunes that winning this battle with audio crud was almost as much an art form as making the music! Then we got to hear our recorded efforts on vinyl and had to contend with scratches and rumble and crackles ... or tape hiss on cassettes. Now we are lucky that for the most part, a lot of those headaches are a thing of the past.

But are we really lucky? In our endless quest for perfect recordings, maybe they are now too clean, too sterile, too 'hygenic' if you like.

Well now you can introduce the crud back into your creations with Hollow Sun's unique 'Interference Generator'.

This simple 'rack' allows you to generate six different types of crud including five types of mains hum from equipment of various vintages, fan noise, vinyl surface noise, crackle, hiss and rumble. These are the finest 24-bit recordings to accurately capture the dynamic range of some of the best audio turdery you're likely to hear and each pristine recording has been painstakingly edited to bring you the finest vintage audio rubbish available

Furthermore, it's possible to modify these undesirable artefacts to suit your particular needs - each shitty bit of lo-fi crud the Interference Generator produces can be tuned up and down and some have filters to modify their tonal characteristics. There's also a master 3-band EQ to tailor the crap to your exact requirements and you can combine and balance the different channels of shite to enhance and breathe life into your recordings and glue your recordings together with some old world noise and hum and, ermmm, crap!

And best of all, no playing skills are required - simply flick the switches and bathe in the sumptuous glory of all that old school audio filth.

In a world awash with ever more devices to improve your recordings, Hollow Sun is once again at the cutting edge of innovation by bringing you a 'must have' unique device that puts the turd back into your polish.

Kontakt 4.2.4 full version

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