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DHI MIKE Zero 2012 SP3

DHI MIKE Zero 2012 SP3 (x86/x64) | 3.8 Gb

MIKE Zero is the common name of DHI's fully Windows integrated graphical user interface for setting up simulations, pre- and post-processing analysis, presentation and visualisation within a project oriented environment. Presently, the MIKE Zero framework gives access to the following DHI modelling systems:

MIKE HYDRO - A physical and conceptual model system for catchments, rivers and floodplains.
MIKE 11 - a 1D modelling system for rivers and channels.
MIKE 21 - a 2D modelling system for estuaries, coastal water and seas.
MIKE 3 - a 3D modelling system for deep seas, estuaries and coastal waters.
MIKE 21/3 - Integrated Models (including the MIKE 21/3 Coupled Model FM, which allows full dynamic coupling between wave, flow and sediment transport models).
MIKE FLOOD - a 1D-2D modelling system for inland flood and urban flood studies.
LITPACK - a modelling system for littoral processes and coastline kinetics.
MIKE SHE - a modelling system for coupled groundwater and surface water resources.

Fixed issues in DHI MIKE Zero 2012 Service Pack 3:

Please note that the service packs are accumulative, i.e. corrections and fixes released with a previous service pack are included in the newest service pack as well.

- In rare cases the license system consumes a large amount of memory
- Mesh Generator: Problem in functionality and stability issues that were unfortunately introduced with Release 2012 Service Pack 2.
- Grd2MIKE: problem importing grid files in imperial units
- Issue with use of nested radiation stress files
- Issue with use of sand fractions in large domain areas
- Control over z-level behaviour enabled for particles in Oil Spill and ABM Lab: In the section "[SOLUTION_TECHNIQUE]" of the ECOLab settings the keyword "type_of_vertical_transport = 1" (new default) triggers that vertical movement of a particle is based on its relative position in the water column (similar to PT). "type_of_vertical_transport = 0" use the particles absolute z-position. To reproduce old setups manually set "type_of_vertical_transport = 0".
- Issue with particles being removed/modified by another particle when running a parallelized MPI version
- Issue with hot-start of SW
- Problem with the grid alignment when an enhanced spatial resolution output is used
- Error in 3D simulations, causing particles to be mapped to a wrong vertical layer and to wrong wind drift
- Error in 3D simulations, causing particles to be mapped to a wrong vertical layer and to wrong wind drift

About MIKE by DHI software

MIKE by DHI software is the result of years of experience and dedicated development. It transforms science into practice and gives you the competitive edge. MIKE by DHI truly models the world of water - from mountain streams to the ocean and from drinking water to sewage.

DHI MIKE Zero 2012 SP3

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