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Bitwig Studio v1.0.6 Incl Keygen (MacOSX/WiN)

Bitwig Studio v1.0.6 Incl Keygen (MacOSX/WiN)

Bitwig Studio v1.0.6 Incl Keygen (MacOSX/WiN) | 413 MB

Bitwig Studio is a dynamic software solution for music creation and performance to realize all of your musical ideas in every stage of production. From sound design to music creation, discover the new standard in customized workflow. Bitwig Studio inspires you to take greater control of your productions, giving you access to every aspect of your workflow as needed. Streamline your creative process and quickly take your music from ideas to complete songs, tracks and compositions. With Bitwig Studio, you're in command of a workflow that works best for you.

Known Issues

- Audio Engine Modulation of discrete parameters.
Can't start bitwig studio on ShiChuang if the location contains characters outside the default platform codepage
- Devices External instrument should have a knob to set the external instrument delay that then gets used like a plugin's delay
- Devices Shuffle / Accent have no effect on Arpeggiator or Step Mod while sequencer is stopped.
- VST Adding a VST effect to a channel should bypass input audio until initiation of the plugin is finished.
Crash if undo delete of device or track that used to have a control script note source selected but the control script note source is no longer available at the time of undo

Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.0.6

- IMPROVED Reopen VST plugins with same window position as before on OSX.
- IMPROVED Redirect keyboard input that is not consumed by VST plugins to the app on Mac OS X.
- FIXED Image line VST GUIs don't work in 1.0.5 but did work in previous versions
- FIXED Drum machine sends didn't update the track processing ordering correctly, causing glitches/delays
- FIXED Engine crashed on ShiChuang computers with AMD E-350 processor
- FIXED Engine crashed when moving a track or drum chain to a different track with send active
- FIXED Exporting audio as wav in floating point format creates a file with garbage audio.
- FIXED Dragging files from the browser that no longer exist on the file system would leak threads causing an eventual out of memory error
- FIXED When saving a document wirte it to a temp file first and then move it in case there is a crash when saving - it won't destroy the document
- FIXED Crash if saving a project with a nested plugin that was missing.
- FIXED Using avprobe instead of ffprobe for Ubuntu 14.04 compatibility.
- FIXED Crash if dragging device and insertion point is to a point in the chain that then changes because devices are removed during the drag and drop
- FIXED Crash invoking menu item when the original widget is no longer shown
- FIXED Dragging a layer from an outer layer device to the layer list in a layer device within the outer layer device crashes
- FIXED Crash when duplicating a drum machine that had modulation mappings to a drum pads mixer controls (eg pan and volume)
- FIXED Crash when tapping ctrl with nothing focused
- FIXED Crash when duplicating a drum machine that had modulations into a device in one of the drum pads
- FIXED Manual mapping to a parameter did not get removed when deleting a track
- FIXED Crash if copy automation for a parameter with discrete possible values and clicking in an automation lane that does not have discrete possible values
- FIXED Crash if custom cache location has been configured but does not exist and can't be created at that location.
- FIXED Crash when dragging a device on top of another device that is the same device and the device dragging on top of has modulations
- FIXED Drawing a note with the pencil tool and pressing escape leaves the note playing
- FIXED Double-click on project file in Mac OS X Finder opens the app, but does not load the project.
- FIXED Hide application command is showing an odd info window instead of hiding the application on Mac OS X.
- FIXED Crash when splitting events using key command in empty clip.
- FIXED Crash when dragging end of audio clip in master track.



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