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Macaw 1.0.1 (Mac OS X)
Macaw 1.0.1 (Mac OS X) | 122 MB
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Macaw - a new tool for web design and development .Macaw allows you to quickly collect design, bringing it to html, it seems to look very comfortable and fast .
Watch this presentation to see how quickly. Most importantly, get a very valid code for future use.
A key goal of Macaw enable designers and developers to better understand each others capabilities and needs that they have .
In addition, including the user interface with CSS units and adaptive control points on the canvas with a floating grid , Macaw is positioned as a development tool for advanced coders . Generated , the optimized code is not just a function of the application , it is possible that distinguishes it from all other products.
How do you manage to ensure the creation of pure HTML and CSS? One word - Alchemy . This is an internal engine Macaw, which generates code that can compete with the fact that developers do Aces .

Additional Information:
Tool for advanced coders
On the side of HTML, this gives the developer complete control over the semantics of a document , only the names of appropriating elements using a simple syntax , - says Dzhiannattazio . It is as simple as assigning a name layer to produce correlation.
Even more impressive is how this Alchemy handles CSS. When asked about the strange magic Dzhiannattazio replies: Tags and classes set to HTML, and then used to consolidate CSS in the most concise and practical way - taking into account concepts such as specificity, applicability , cascade, additional selectors and media requests .

This is no easy task, given the countless ways in which you can handle CSS. However , pardon the pun , Macaw really looking at all these things with birds-eye view (Macaw - in translation from English. Macaw , approx.) : As he surveys the entire project, he often writes more briefly styles than myself might suggest .

In developing this code , and it naturally by using Macaw, receive certain benefits and interface designers , and developers - mechanics. Designers will find it useful purpose intuitive HTML- and CSS- elements and classes.
While developers will appreciate the purity of the code. And designers and developers effectively touch with the code , and there is docked their work.

As the original application Macaw, provides a great opportunity. Many expect that the next generation of design tools need to work on the platform browser. We believe that the next-generation development tool itself will be equipped with a browser.

This is a subtle but important difference . Usually running on a browser-based application - a great tool , but they are somewhat limited opportunities for developers due to the fact that the browser was originally designed for browsing.
We want to provide the best opportunities for developers and avoid problematic issues , such as keyboard shortcuts , which can not be ( easily) reassigned .

Whats new in this version :
Bug Fixes and Updates

- Log in time has been greatly reduced.
- Fixed feedback dialog send functionality.
- Fixed an issue that would prevent a breakpoint from being added when the application incorrectly thought it was less than 40px from another breakpoint.
- Removed unused Morph shortcut from the shortcut menu.
- Fixed line-height under one publishing bug.
- Prevent import trigger on dragging of input text selection.
- Fixed image height calculations.
- Fixed save error that would not allow files to be saved to hard drives besides the main disk on OS X (network drives, flash drives, etc)

Installation Procedure :
Mount and drag the application icon in the Applications folder

Personally, I have the program started on 10.9.2 and no problems!

System requirements :
- OS X 10.6.8 +
- RAM minimum: 1GB

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Contact to email: downloadsuport19[email protected][dot]com for support all you need !

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