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Corel Draw 11
Corel Draw 11 | 211 Mb

Corel DRAW appear in many illustrated pages, ads, in flyers, labels, posters, ... rife around us today.

Also, the correct drawing functions make Corel DRAW increasingly popular in the design documents and reports in the fields of science and technology.
Please say that not necessarily the artist presents technical or professional graphics, once you love the colors, lines and layout,
Corel DRAW will definitely give you great pleasure each when required, have the opportunity to express their aesthetic tastes.
Again a new version of Corel Draw back to us, Corel Draw Version 11.
In this version, although there is no sudden changes to be "revolutionary"
but Corel Corporation has spent a lot of effort to edit, add make the program more reasonable.
Version 11 makes us feel "relieved" when Convert To Curves command has been applied to Paragraph Text object while maintaining the previous format of the text.
The basic features are adaptive is the real thing that people interested in design.


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