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1, within the set up, the actual set up should to begin with possess a knowledge of Sand making machine, for example framework, overall performance, and so on.. After that figure out the right set up procedure as well as procedure based on the scenario.

2, within installing the very first we should possess the raising gear, there isn't any this type of big crane gear cannot be regular set up achievement. Prior to the set gear, me personally very first to honestly examine the gear from the set aside room is sufficient, after that examine the actual point bolt set aside pit from the organize from the placement. Gear associated with longitudinal as well as transverse organize foundation (vertical as well as horizontally contour) respectively is actually gear from the middle collection and also the axis type of the actual rotor, the actual set aside room as well as point bolt set aside pit middle arranged distinction shouldn't surpass in addition or even without 10 mm.

3, gear as well as basis ought to be full of taking in supplies, to avoid it's put in manufacturing may be the foundation associated with gear isn't powerful, in order to impact the actual improvement from the function.

4, installing of your body, the directly encounter, entire body as well as basis from the intersecting airplanes not really point mounting bolts ought to be attached frequently, national infrastructure ought to be sufficient room with regard to installing the transportation gadget as well as gear upkeep.

5, sand making machine engine set up is actually finished, ought to be in line with the real scenario from the set up, designed with the protecting include.

6, dish sludge hammer about the rotor occasionally radial upon powerful space, therefore following the brand new machine can be used with regard to the very first time counterattack dish body as well as sludge hammer the actual space thickness need to ensure which at least 20mm, to ensure the actual dish sludge hammer and also the back body tend to be not likely in order to clash.

7, the rear dish and also the dish sludge hammer from the space in between the requirement to progressively change the little, red-colored celebrity large business suggested to regulate the amount of rotor rotator, examine if the effect. Following modifying the actual locking mechanism sleeve enthusiast, to avoid the rear dish in the vibration from the mess free as well as progressively reduced using the dish sludge hammer crash.

8, the actual manufacturing associated with sand making machine within the reduce the main materials, the actual set up elevation as well as how you can give food to as well as give food to gadget, just about all ought to be within the set up procedure to understand the entire thing to consider.
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