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The Lavender Flu - Heavy Air (2016)

Artist: The Lavender Flu
Title: Heavy Air
Year Of Release: 2016
Label: Meds
Genre: Alternative, Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Quality: vbr V0 kbps
Total Time: 1:15:52
Total Size: 155 Mb


1 x Vinyl
01. Atrial Flutter (1:07)
02. Know Fear (2:14)
03. I Was The Sun (1:46)
04. My Time (4:09)
05. Coke Sunday (2:01)
06. Like A Summer Thursday (2:14)
07. Those That Bend (3:05)
08. Vacuum Creature (2:44)
09. Fingers Like Wounds (2:59)
10. False Promises From Future Selves (1:35)
11. Demons In The Dusk (2:24)
12. Owl In Daylight (2:40)
13. Sligo River Blues (1:24)
14. Telepathic Axe (2:57)
15. The Lawn (4:24)

2 x Vinyl
1. Beer Garden (1:25)
2. Là-Bas (2:09)
3. He Hides From The Mirrors (2:25)
4. Sleep Without Alcohol (1:20)
5. Between The Trees (3:40)
6. Transcendental Hangover (6:23)
7. Keyboard Christ (2:01)
8. Wrong Womb Pt.1 (1:36)
9. The Living Garment (1:47)
10. Assad Eyes (1:33)
11. A Drift In Rooms (1:58)
12. Feel The Ground (2:38)
13. Lay In The Sun (5:40)
14. Nothing Was Breathing (1:32)
15. So Clear (2:02)

Heavy Air is a 30 song puzzle / map masterminded by Chris Gunn (The Hunches, Hospitals). Recorded on analog tape machines over a period of years and outside of the genre concentration camps. A home recording project approached completely open to experimentation but in love with songs. Like Terrence Malick's Tree Of Life remade by the ghost of Phillip K. Dick; projecting sounds as images inside your head. It's extremely psychedelic and dense with layers and layers yielding new secrets with each listen. Songs / melodies / lyrics appear and reappear as half remembered dreams or reconstructed memories. It's a circuitous path through pop songs ("My Time", "Those That Bend" - with a Waterloo Sunset vibe), blasted rockers ("Fingers Like Wounds"), beautiful instrumentals ("Feel The Ground", "Telepathic Axe"), fractured folk ("Between The Trees"), weirder experimental songs ("Vacuum Creature", "La-Bas"), straight up fried epics ("Transcendental Hangover") plus a few covers in the mix including a maximal / minimal take on The Godz mantra-like ode to sun worship and a Townes Van Zandt tune that is derailed by a massive panic attack. Traces of Big Star, Royal Trux, Brian Eno, Meat Puppets II, American Beauty are in the DNA but The Lavender Flu is its own beast.

The Lavender Flu - Heavy Air (2016)
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Tags: Lavender

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